Index Lenses For The Summer

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With the warm season just around the corner, consumers are under great expectation for new, trendy fashion statements. What better way to start off the new season with a modern and original look? Eyewear makes a visibly explicit difference on an individual as it transforms the appearance by complementing facial features whiles adding color to the face. With trendy retro styles taking over a significant portion of the fashion world today, new designs have also been incorporated to the eyewear. Where thick frames used on the circumference of the 1.74 index lenses were initially in vogue, we have now seen a major shift towards thin frames, natural wooden frames and acetate multi-colored frames.  A complete 360 degree turn from the bold rimmed glasses that were deemed as stylish and popular just a few years ago to dainty, slim eyewear has taken place in the fashion world. The natural tone rims complement most apparels as it can have a classy appeal to it as well as a sporty or casual touch.

The genuine wooden eyeglasses are also very eco-friendly thanks to their raw material and durability, which makes for a very long lasting pair of eyewear. With society moving towards a more environmentally friendly world this makes for a very profitable and influential statement. With the retro style still in vogue, designers have had no other choice but to implement this fashion trend to eyewear, giving it a sophisticated and modern look. The frames of the glasses are not the only changes that have been made to our modern day eyewear.

There are now lenses that have been put into place to appeal to individuals that are nearsighted, farsighted and suffer with astigmatism. The width of the lenses is now noticeably thinner and lighter-felt. The 1.74 index lenses as well as the 1.67 lenses are good examples of such lenses.  Where thick lenses were mandatory in order to get the full benefit and utility from prescription glasses, a more innovative type of lens has been created to beautify eyewear whiles maintaining the usefulness and ability to consumers.

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