Injuries and Becoming a Better Athlete

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2. Injuries are an opportunity to focus on our weaknesses

Injuries are an opportunity to focus on our weaknesses

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Everyone has weaknesses. And more often than not we are aware of them, but we don’t work on them enough (or at all) because we feel that there “isn’t enough time.” I’ve found this to be especially true in CrossFit, because there are so many different pieces to it, and it can be hard to find the time to focus on things we’re bad at.

When we get injured, however, certain movements/workouts often become off limits until we’ve made a full recovery; suddenly we have the perfect opportunity to work on those things we never make time for. Just because we’re injured doesn’t mean that we can’t train/get stronger; it just means we need to be smart about it and make sure we don’t push through movements we shouldn’t .

For example, maybe we are relatively weak in our upper body (especially gymnastics movements) and that weakness is holding us back. However, working on skills like:

isn’t nearly as exciting or fun as the Olympic Lifts or hitting WODs (especially if they have to be strict). As a result, many of us only hit these movements when they come up as part of a workout; when they do, we’re just trying to get through them as fast as possible, rather than trying to improve the skill itself. But then we get injured — sprain an ankle, tear your ACL, or hurt our shoulder — and even though it sucks, because we are (temporarily) sidelined, we now have the time to work on our weaknesses.

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