Coach’s Corner: “Injuries as RX”

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In our line of Fitness, injuries will happen. Think about it: we throw shit-tons of weight around, climb ropes way up high in the sky, run Broomiles carrying odd objects, and push weighted sleds around an unevenly paved parking lot. And we do it all while sharing one bathroom.

Injuries WILL happen. The question is whether or not you acknowledge them and how you go about recovering from them. Most of the time, rather than scaling the workouts or substituting movements that won’t further aggravate the injury, we push on bullheaded and do more damage.

We throw an ice pack on it, pop a few ibuprofen, and be on our way. But then we do that again the next day: ice pack, Vitamin I, push on. And the next day. And the next. Not realizing that the ice isn’t doing anything and the Vitamin I is just making our stomach bleed and damaging our liver. No big deal.

Perhaps we should keep the weight light for now and practice the technique…
We get injured because we do stupid shit. Stupid shit includes but is not limited to: Overtraining/under-recovering, consistently doing the movements with sloppy form, going heavier with sloppy form, overuse of a muscle and/or joint, and/or tendon with sloppy form. See a pattern here?

If you’re doing it wrong – your back rounds in a deadlift; your knees cave in on a squat; you’re flailing about on the pullup bar like one of those inflatable tube guys at a car dealership – then you need to back off and start from scratch.

The coaches point it out. Your gym buddy points it out. But you’d rather show everyone how bad ass you are by going up in weight when clearly you need to go back to the basics. And you’ll say, “But  I think I can do this workout RX.” I’m sure you can but if your power clean looks like a monkey f*cking a football, perhaps we should keep the weight light for now and practice the technique, mmkay?

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