Injury Is an Opportunity for Improvement

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Injury Is an Opportunity for Improvement
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a physical therapist or anything along those lines. I write this from my own experiences.

FYI: CrossFit does not break you; bad habits and over training break you.
I have had my fair share of injuries. Aside from the one that broke a bone, I have not let them stop me from still being active. With my most recent injuries of bursitis and tendinitis in my shoulder, I have taken on a very different mindset that I want to share: injury is an opportunity for improvement. This is not me sugar coating how much injuries can suck, so let me explain:

We assume injuries typically sideline people. Depending on what the injury is (and what restrictions your doctor has put you on), it does not mean that you cannot remain active while recovering. It is very common when injured to immediately start rattling off all the things you can’t do. For me when I got my diagnosis, it was no more practicing to get my first butterfly pull-up. No more muscle-up attempts. No more push-ups. No more push presses. I went through a few moments of being irritated (and that’s putting it mildly) that I had to break up with some of my favorites.

Like many injuries, mine are caused by over-use and bad mechanics. (A side note to anyone thinking CrossFit breaks you: CrossFit does not break you; bad habits and over training break you). There was no point blaming it on bad luck, as that had nothing to do with it. It was my own doing and not listening to my body. I had been having symptoms in my shoulder and arm for months and months that progressively got worse as I didn’t let up on things that aggravated it.

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