Is Hair Transplant a Right Solution For Hair Loss

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Does the fear of losing your hair give you sleepless night? If yes, then you are not alone. This is a common issue which most men worry about. As by the age of 35 around 60% of men are affected by male pattern baldness. They are either plagued by receding hairline, thinning hair or baldness.

Luckily, there are options available which can help you overcome this issue and hair transplant is one of them. It is a wonderful procedure which gives long lasting results.

Earlier, hair transplant was an expensive procedure due to which limited people could access it. However, the prices have reduced significantly and newer avenues have opened up which offer this procedure at an amazingly low cost. Like Turkey hair transplant cost is way to less than developed countries like the USA and UK.

You must be wondering why hair transplant?
Well, there are reasons which can prove that hair transplant is the best solution to male pattern baldness. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find young males in their twenties experiencing hair thinning and this is a really unnerving experience. It’s really hard and depressing when you see your hair density decreasing and along with it your self-confidence.

Plentiful hair is a symbol of beauty and youthfulness. Sadly losing your precious tresses has many adverse effects.
• Foremost, it makes you look and feel older than your age. Having scanty hair is associated with the sign of aging.

• Also, women no longer find you appealing and attractive. Many young adults have difficulty in finding a life partner of their choice. Hair plays an important role in making you look good. With scanty hair and receding hairline, it becomes quite hard for you to style your hair in the latest hairstyle and on the contrary many of you hide your head under a cap or a bandana.

• That’s not all. Lack of hair also affects your self-esteem and it becomes difficult for you to interact with others at social gatherings and at work.

So, basically, not everyone is able to cope with receding hairline and baldness with confidence and this has a great impact, psychologically as well as physically on many of you.

Hair transplant is a boon for such people as it helps overcome all these issues. You can get back your natural hair which will last for a long time. However for best results, get the treatment done by an experienced doctor.

Is the cost of hair transplant worrying you?
Keep your fears to rest as hair transplant is no longer the privilege of the rich and famous and even the common man can easily avail it. Now, people are ready to travel to distant destinations in search of cost-effective options if they find the procedure to be costly in their own country. This new trend is really catching on and it is called medical tourism.

There are many places which offer hair transplant at a competitive price like Turkey, Dubai, India, etc. Thousands of people visit these places every month as they are assured of high-quality treatment at pocket-friendly prices.
However, Turkey tops the list for the most preferred destination for hair transplant. This is so because the quality of treatment and hair transplant in Turkey cost is unmatchable.

You will find several clinics in Turkey having international accreditations and the hair transplant surgeons there are world-renowned having years of experience. Apart from this, the cost of the surgery is very reasonable and you end up saving a substantial amount of money.

Are you still having doubts about hair transplant?
To solve your doubts and help you make a right decision, we have listed some of the advantages of hair transplant.
• This is the best option to fight male-pattern baldness as it gives permanent and natural results. It is a safe method which does not have any serious and permanent side effects.

• There are two methods used for the procedure namely Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Basically, nowadays FUE is the most preferred technique as it heals quickly, does not involve cuts and sutures and gives great results.

• There is minimal or no use of chemicals and drugs.

• It is a quick treatment which lasts for a day or two.

• There is quick recovery after the procedure and you need to be careful for a short period of time.

• Though it will take around 6-8 months to see the final result, be assured that it is a long-lasting solution to your baldness.

• There is no need to use special shampoos or conditioners for your hair after transplant.

• You will have a natural growth of hair which you can cut and style accordingly.

• And most importantly, you end up saving a lot of money as the transplanted hair are low maintenance and need no special care.

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