IV Hangover Therapy: What Do We Really Know About It?

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We have all been there. You partied too hard and had too much to drink the night before. The next day you wake up to the buzzing sound of our head. Suddenly, you feel like a hammer is constantly poking your skull. And everything around you starts moving rapidly that you just want to lie in bed doing nothing. As much as you hate to admit it, partying too hard and getting a hangover really suck. Hangover renders us mentally and physically incapacitated that we sometimes have to miss school, work, or a very important appointment.

The best way to battle out a hangover is by not drinking alcohol at all. But can we really stop ourselves from having too much fun?

There are so many ways to cure a hangover. Some swear that eating greasy foods is the most effective one. Meanwhile, others just throw it up and move on. Then, there is this new trend that has been causing a lot of fuss and is believed to effectively cure a hangover quickly– IVs in the Keys. Various businesses have already offered IV hydration therapy in Miami, London, Las Vegas, and other metropolitan areas. This medical procedure uses intravenous vitamin drips (IV drips) with different supplements and medications to cope with the effects of hangovers.

Facts about IV Hangover Therapy

1. Medical professionals prefer using IV therapy.
IV therapies have been used by medical practitioners for many reasons. Its convenience, availability, effectiveness, and ease of administration make it the most preferred therapy. IV drips are the typical clinical device used for hydration purposes. It is also effective in flushing out toxins and stabilizing the electrolytes.

When combined with Vitamins, glutathione, pain medications and some minerals, IV drip therapy can intensify the biochemical pathways which lead to the elimination of unwanted substances in the body, thus improving the symptoms. The process allows all these compounds to be absorbed rapidly by the body without going through the digestive tract. This leaves a lot of people feeling better pretty quickly.

2. It can be an expensive hangover remedy.

IV hangover therapy is not a cheap alternative. This medical option could range from $150 – $250. Its cost will depend on the IV Hangover Clinic you contacted. It is best that this is done by a licensed medical practitioner as an improper administration can lead to infection, swelling and pain in the injected part. Most IV Hangover clinics offer home/hotel service or free shuttle pick up to send you to the clinic.Find one that has been serving individuals with their hangover fixes for many years. From mild overindulgence, to moderate and severe, IV hydration therapies are available at clinics near you.

3. IV hydration therapy can be easily abused.
The IV hydration therapy has gained popularity for relieving the effects of a hangover. It has also been reported that IV drips have other advantages such as medication for mild colds or ailments, treatments for seasonal allergies, increasing energy levels, a remedy for chronic pains, and promotion of well-being and overall productivity.

The popularity of IV drips raises several concerns regarding potentials of abuse and misallocation of resources. The thing is none of its health claims has been approved by FDA or validated by any controlled scientific research.

Final Thoughts
IV therapy does not prevent the effects of alcohol from damaging your liver. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can just rehydrate yourself by drinking Gatorade, clean water, or chicken soups.

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