Kick-Starting Your Fitness Goals for 2018

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To get results from your workout routine, you need to be consistent and stay motivated. For most people, consistency begins to plummet after the initial excitement of starting a new workout routine begins to dwindle. Below are some ways to keep your level of motivation up and achieve your fitness goals.

Come up with a workout plan for 2018

Concrete goals help you stay motivated. Vague goals, on the other hand, usually lead to inconsistent workouts. It is therefore a good idea to anchor your workout routine with a specific goal such as running a marathon or becoming fit enough to run a mile within a certain amount of time.

The next step after setting a specific goal for your workout is formulating a plan to achieve it and tracking your progress. Digital tools such as apps and wearable devices can be helpful in this regard. However, in the absence of these technologies, you can still use a physical diary to record your progress toward your goal and give you a sense of accountability.

Start your workout routine from home

According to Sam Corbin at, making your workouts convenient eliminates one barrier to achieving your workout goals because it reduces the amount of motivation needed to get started. Incorporate a convenient home workout routine to complement your gym workout routine.

For example, you can start some of your warm-up routines at home before heading to the gym. Doing so will help you get into a motivated state of mind, making you less likely to come up with excuses for not going to the gym. Your warm-up routine at home can include stretching exercises and workouts that don’t require equipment.

Once you’ve revved your system, you can jog or cycle to the gym and arrive there ready to start a more rigorous workout session. Setting off your routine from home and using the trip to the gym as an opportunity to jog kick-starts your workout without you having to reduce your hours of sleep.

Additionally, having a motivating morning routine is helpful. A good morning routine may include waking up to soothing music and morning meditation to get you in the right mindset for exercise. Whichever way you decide to set up your morning routine, force yourself to get through the first few weeks until it becomes automatic. Thereafter, you can get started on your workout even on a little motivation.

Get guidance from a fitness professional

Making an effective fitness plan and maintaining your motivation is easier when a fitness professional guides you. A fitness professional such as Sam Corbin at can help you figure out where and how to begin your 2018 workout plan. The last thing you want to do is wander aimlessly from one piece of gym equipment to another.

One of the best things you can do is hire a fitness trainer to help you develop a good structure for your 2018 workout program. However, if you are unable to hire a fitness trainer because of budget constraints, you can start by reading a good book on fitness, joining a friend’s workout program or simply downloading a good workout app.

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