Kickboxing Your Way Out of a Dangerous Thug’s Grasp

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Life can and has dealt people some raw deals, for instance, dealing with unscrupulous humans. It is unfortunate that some of the human species simply revel in harming others. Having come to the realisation that common sense is not as common as you would hope, you have made some radical decisions.

Self-defence is not to be trifled with. It is necessary.

There are all sorts of people out there that will hurt you for far-reaching reasons such as, they did not like the way you looked at them, or you are coming from the bank and they think you have money. They want to take that money off you. They could even be rapists. You will need to defend yourself against such.

How to defend yourself

Having some form of weapon on you is one way. However, one major downside of this method is it might be used on you. Another way is to learn some hand-to-hand combat; Martial arts kind of combat.
There are many forms of martial arts, but let’s concentrate on one form.


What is kickboxing? It is a hybrid martial art form. This means that it is a combination of a number of traditional martial art styles. If you check out sites like kickboxing Vancouver other martial arts sites, you will learn a lot about the sport.

Can one learn kickboxing for self-defense?

There is no reason why not. If you are defending yourself from an attack, you are allowed to use any self-defense techniques available to you. There are various components involved in defending yourself from an attack:

• Pushing someone so that they can get away from you.
• Punching them andinflicting pain. If an attacker gets it through to their head that you can defend yourself and are willing to do it, they might not be so willing to put themselves in harm’s way.
• Kicking – This can be done to inflict pain or to get the attacker to release their hold on you.
• Obstructing a punch – This could save you from a serious injury or even save your life.
• Running away from your attacker
• Pulling their hair
• Headlocking

As long as you are kicking and punching someone, you are kickboxing. So, it is an effective self-defense mechanism.
Apart from learning to kick and punch, any martial arts style will teach you several other self-defense tactics that work to your advantage:

• Using your body weight against your attacker – It does not matter how big they are and how vertically challenged you might be. Oftentimes, big thugs tend to dismiss you. Not to worry. You are not looking to win a tournament. You simply want a chance to be able to make a run for it.

• How to inflict pain and where – Kickboxing will teach you where to hit. If you hit hard enough, you can hightail it out of there before your attacker has a chance to catch his or her breath.
The most important thing to remember in self-defense is that you are not in a competition; you should not be hanging around to see the effect of your punches. That is what kickboxing Vancouver and other such sites will have you know.

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