Kind of Science: Part Two

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by Jake Mole

Living with PEDs

Shuffled back to Dr. Whatshisname for the results, got my print outs and here’s the scoop! Magnesium, zinc, iron, red cells, white cells, blood sugar, all good! Vitamin D on the other hand, MARGINALLY DEFICIENT!

Yeah, I was kind of hoping it was deficient. Because everyone wants some deficiency! Or because I was feeling this and that and thought it might be vitamin D related so it’s nice when test results agree with the self-diagnosing of people that should not be self-diagnosing.

I scored a 45, which Dr. Rhonda said is in the good-enough range of 30 – 80 but this local bloke said I need to aim for 50 – 300. Yes, I also thought that was a large scope.

There was also some mention of cholesterol being a bit off but I’ll touch on that later (like, 2015).

“Marginally deficient”. What to do…
I could do nothing, as I’m within the range of the good Doctor P. Buuuut I want to see if a bump up in vitamin D will help with a couple of symptoms I’m having thanks to working nights (2300-0700 week on/week off). Oh, get a different job with better hours? Obviously, but let’s give bottled-chemistry a chance! I’m aiming for a top mark of 80 “bits”.
More sun! Haha, no. I have nothing against the sun, no family history of skin cancer nor am I an easy burner (despite my Prometheus complexion). For the purpose of my own loosely-researched “Kind of Science” I like the idea of the vitamin pills, it’s so measurable.

Of course I moved on this news swiftly, within minutes of the results I acted fast and ate some breakfast. Then, waited about a week before going to a chemist.

I really wanted to use Pure Pharma D3 for this but I don’t think it stocks in shops, online only (red flag much??). I’m travelling around a bit at the moment so waiting for post isn’t ideal. My connection with this brand is two-pronged, on one hand they have some reasonable claims on their website (USP approved) but mostly it’s because Julie Foucher is one of their sponsored athletes. Put Julie’s name on anything and I’ll give it a try (with the exception of some female clothing).

After previous touch-and-go results with Blackmores I’m giving them another shot. It’s something about their bottle, it’s so easy to trust! Their marketing people are savvy. Being aware of the effect of the bottle branding and still going in for the purchase, this purchase insight, I’m aware inside a dream. It also helped that they were the highest grade (alleged…) in the Queenstown (be jealous) chemist I went to.

With pills in hand I have started following a religious regime of pill taking. 1,000iu (international units, ya learned) per pill, two pills with breakfast, one with lunch, this is based off my personal theory that earlier is better. I think Dr. Rhonda said/wrote that before bed works well, letting the pill do its work while I sleep.

Obviously I didn’t start this the DAY I got the pills, but immediately after, the day after the next day.

Re-testing this blood in four weeks, stay D3-tuned!

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