Kristy Parrish

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In Cincinnati, Ohio, my first athletic love was playing youth soccer; that is, until I discovered volleyball. I played competitive club and high school volleyball, winning four state titles with the St. Ursula Bulldogs. Being a student-athlete was only part of my identity, though, as I also enjoy music and found time to play piano in my high school orchestra. Thankfully, my parents allowed and encouraged me to pursue all my passions whole-heartedly.

My dream of attending Stanford (and living in California) started before kindergarten. Once there, I happily majored in English – being an avid reader and writer – and minored in Spanish. I spent my fifth year in the Stanford Teacher Education Program to earn my Master’s in Teaching and taught English in high school and middle school at Downtown College Prep in San Jose for six years afterward.

My CrossFit journey began in late 2009, two months before getting married; getting my Level 1 Certification in July 2010 then gave me an opportunity to blend my skills as an educator with my love for CrossFit. Aside from physical benefits, CrossFit has provided the mental strength and clarity needed for me to find a new role as a teacher mentor and handle the transition of moving to Alaska with my husband. I am now also a coach at CrossFit Fairbanks and enjoy working with and getting to know all of my clients.

At Tabata Times, my role as editor allows me to combine most of my favorite things: teamwork, CrossFit, and general English geekiness. I am excited to seek out and surface the best CrossFit content available to support the community. As my education professor hammered into us, “We are our own best resources.”

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