Leanne Chen


Name: Leanne Chen
Age: 33
CrossFit Start Date (and box): December 2010
Favorite movement or WOD: Split Jerk
Least favorite movement or WOD: Squat Clean


What was your athletic background prior to CrossFit?
I was on the badminton team in back in high school; as an adult I went to a regular globo gym and like to go for runs.
How did you hear about CrossFit? What convinced you to join, and why have you stayed?
I heard about CrossFit through a good friend, who was looking for something to train for Tough Mudder 2011.
How do you manage the mental and physical demands of CrossFit training?
Honestly — I don’t! I just go because I’m addicted …
What do you love about the people and/or place where you train?
Everyone is super supportive and down to earth.
What do you do in your everyday life? How has CrossFit impacted that role (or roles)?
I work as an engineer at a Semicon Capital Equipment company. CrossFit in general improved my run times, my overall endurance level, and my recovery team. For the record, I am also able to carry my groceries up three floors without breaking a sweat!
Looking back, what 2-3 things did you wish you knew when you started CrossFit?
Don’t deprive myself of carbs…because I end up binge eating and gaining weight [laughs].
What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?  What is your most embarrassing moment?
My most memorable moment was when I finally broke three digits on my power clean!

Most embarrassing? That would be every day when I make sweat angels on the floor and inevitably some dude next to me is not even breaking a sweat after a WOD.

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