How I Plan To Make You Look Good, Even When You’re Not Sweating

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Level One Apparel Winter Designs

Do All CrossFit Shirts Have to Be . . . Creepy?

If you search CrossFit Shirt on Etsy, Pinterest, or your Google of choice, you will find a plethora of shirts with large type and a clever phrase that is 98% sure to make reference to lady parts or have offensive language. Try it out, there are some very creative ones. Which reminds me, I need to work on improving my SEO. 😉

Shirts that wouldn’t make me feel like a cult member or perv when I ordered my post WOD Starbucks.
When I started working out at CrossFit Loomis in the Summer of 2012, I bought all of the gear that I “had” to have, shoes, wraps, and rope. But I always had a hard time finding workout shirts that wouldn’t make me feel like a cult member or perv when I ordered my post WOD Starbucks.

The World Sees Problems, CrossFitters See Opportunity.

Level One Apparel Founder - Brian SmithI had an early introduction to apparel design. In high school, my buddies and I started “Chamber Pot Board Sports”; an action sports apparel company named after a medieval latrine. (Why? Youth.) This business venture lasted approximately two weeks. Since then, I studied graphic design in college and have taken on a career as a designer for a national commercial real estate firm, which has allows me to very slick corporate brochures, but is a far cry from having creative freedom with apparel design.

In the Fall of 2012. Our coach asked me to design t-shirts for our gym. The final product turned out amazing, I got to stretch my creative tendencies beyond corporate brochures, into illustration and typography. I could see it now: “The 2015 CrossFit Games, Sponsored By (My newly formed apparel company) Level One Apparel”. Since then, I have designed apparel for our brand Level One Apparel as well as CrossFit affiliates and local CrossFit events.

CrossFit Loomis Level One Apparel

Expect Improvement, Accept Nothing Less

Our goal is to provide apparel for CrossFit athletes that includes more than just a catchy slogan, but is also a work of art. Each design is meticulously drawn and revised, with close attention paid to every detail. We seek to be positive, motivational, and encouraging while providing high quality apparel that is wearable inside and out of the gym.

Death By Kettlebell Crop Level One ApparelIn every design I try to incorporate imagery from our fitness environment. So of course you are going to see barbells, kettlebells, ropes, etc. Where possible, I use textures like knurling, plywood and concrete for shading in the illustrations.  I also tie in imagery and metaphors related to CrossFit that encompass the values our gym is hoping to foster in its athletes.

I’m not sure how exactly the artwork, funding, website, and marketing will all come together. But it will.
We have only come a short way so far with Level One Apparel. We just launched our second season of designs, and planning has started for the Spring season. It’s coming up fast and I’m not sure how exactly the artwork, funding, website, and marketing will all come together. But it will. There is a long way to go before I can call this adventure a success. Many more challenging nights lie ahead, striving to make designs which are better than before. Days will be spent making sure my technique is flawless. I’m not there yet, but Level One Apparel is improving, one small step at a time.

Tripic Level One Apparel

Note: If you happen to be someone who wears or creates clothing with provocative slogans, good on you. It’s just not our thing. I’m just glad to see people embracing fitness so much that they want to wear symbols of it. Just be proud of what you wear.

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