I Lost Half My Body Weight to Get In the Best Shape of My Life

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High blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, overweight, and borderline diabetic…These were all terms that described me. However, I avoided going to the doctors because it seemed like the medications were geared towards controlling these conditions and not curing them.
Most of my life I had been active and fit. Then I hurt my knees and suddenly I was incapable of most physical activity except for my routine workouts inspired by Nordicbet sportsbook. The more weight I gained the less active I became. My health really started to deteriorate. Constantly in pain from arthritis, I was fatigued and unable to sleep; over-the-counter medications were damaging my liver, stomach, and kidneys. I knew that if I did not make some drastic changes, it would be too late!
The first thing I did was make a list of all the foods/amounts I was eating. I discovered I was eating way too much and most of the foods I was eating were bad for all of my conditions, especially the chronic pain. I was eating a bowl of oats every day, great for lowering cholesterol, but for me the problem was that oats are high in purines… counterproductive to my living a pain free life.
After making a list of all the foods that were bad for me (based on my blood type), foods like lentils, oats, red meat, and anchovies, I stopped eating certain foods immediately, and within a few days I noticed a decrease in the swelling of my calves and feet. I also noticed that my range of motion increased.
After a little research, I found several foods that would help with weight loss: apples, avocadoes, carrots, celery, fennel, and grapes. I added all of these fruits and vegetables to my diet. I also looked for foods and herbs with medicinal properties: garlic, honey, cinnamon, marjoram, sesame seeds, and turmeric. I incorporated all of these into my diet. I got my protein from goat’s milk, cheese, eggs, lean fish, and poultry. (I also keep an account of calories consumed each day tailored to my age and build.)
A few weeks after beginning this life-style change, I noticed a definite improvement in the way I was feeling. I had more energy and the aches and pains all but disappeared. I stopped taking the medications and my health has continued to improve. I refrain from eating any refined grains; any type of soda or candy, and honey has replaced sugar. I work out regularly and walk, swim, or dance several times throughout the week.
After a period of three months my blood pressure went from 155/100 to 120/78. Today my bad cholesterol is down and the good is up. One year later, I have lost half of my former body weight. Leading a fully active life once again, I can honestly say that I am in the best shape ever. All the swelling in my joints has disappeared and I feel terrific!

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