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Why couples who workout together, work out together

You’re out of breath but focused, tired but ravenous, and the view of your partner pushing you on through a sweat-filled brow is enough to drive you to just one more rep. When you do, your hand reaches for theirs in a congratulatory high-five, and maybe one on the backside. The WOD is complete. You made it. You both did. And though your legs feel like they left you five minutes into the workout, they now carry you to the showers with pride for leading the life of the CrossFit couple.
So what is it that’s driving couples to try out the CrossFit lifestyle? What is it about daily facing (what feels like) a near death experience that says, “Hey, let’s do that again”? The answers are surprisingly simple.

Why CrossFit?

Many couples are turning to CrossFit for a chance to, obviously, improve their overall health. CrossFit is perfect for those who like a challenge and embrace change. For the lowdown on some great routines, Body Building’s got some tantalizing sample workouts to get you and your partner’s bods jiving. The CrossFit workouts of the day, or WOD, should always vary, so each day is (almost) like Christmas. And with an increasing number of followers, you know that you and your partner won’t be having Christmas alone. In fact, the benefits of being part of the CrossFit community make every day, and every rep, worth the work.

The Benefits for Couples

Support. No, not the kind you get from underwire. This support is from the CrossFit community, and more importantly, from your partner. Working out together is a bonding experience. You become a team from the necessity of needing to be a team, a trait that will no doubt spread outside of the gym. Knowing you have someone to shout encouragement at you, even military-style, will drive you to work harder.
Motivation. CrossFit doesn’t allow you to not have it. The WODs are designed to get you to move like you’re being chased, and the discipline it takes to commit to even having a WOD is not for the faint-hearted. And how does that translate to your relationship? Those who take so much care in their fitness routine are sure to transfer the motivation and discipline to other areas of their life.
Endorphins. We all know that exercise gives you endorphins, so CrossFit is no different. The more you push yourself, the more this chemical will be released. Once you and your partner complete your workout, you’ll be on such a chemical high that you’ll be driven to smiles, despite the need for ibuprofen. And in the case of exercise and endorphins, there’s no need for an addiction intervention with this natural high.
Lifestyle. CrossFit is more than just an exercise routine; it’s a lifestyle. You’ll find you and your partner will be spending more QT together doing everyday tasks, such as picking up groceries and preparing healthy meals. And when you’re on the same page about what’s on the menu for the day, you’re more likely to be on the same page when it comes to other life choices.
Endurance. You know when you’re hitting the gym every day that you’re building the best bod you can. And with all that routine in building a killer bod, you’re also building a killer endurance, which is sure to cross over when you come home from the gym and hit the sack.

I know what you’re thinking. Where do you and your partner sign up? For a more comprehensive idea of what CrossFit would involve, check out the CrossFit Journal for a deeper understanding. And what should you do if you don’t have a gym at home or the local ones are too expensive? Women’s Health Magazine has some great tips for taking CrossFit fitness out of doors. But whether or not you take the workouts outside or keep them indoors, the most important thing about CrossFit is to commit to the routine and stick to it. So train hard, push each other, and hit the showers. Whether you take them together or not is up to you.

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