Maintaining Healthy Skin and Seeking Relief with Anti-Itch Creams

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Skin is an important aspect of good health. It plays the crucial role of protecting your body from infectious agents and germs. Along with seeking healthy skin for a radiant appearance, it also serves as an indication of overall well-being and begins with a healthy body. Taking proper care of your skin involves implementing a consistent skin care regime, using the right products, consuming nutritious food and making an effort to be physically active.

Skincare Formulations

Check the labels of the skincare products that you buy. It is important to be aware of the ingredients of any skincare item you currently use as well as the ones you are interested in. Avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances that can have adverse effects on your skin. Look for herbal and organic ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, vitamin C and green tea extract.

Moisturizers and Cleansers

• Purchase moisturizers and cleansers that are suitable for your face. People typically require specialized and separate products for the skin on their face because it differs from the body. Thinner facial skin requires proper care to preserve elasticity.

• Since facial skin is susceptible to dryness or oiliness and more likely to experience exposure to the elements, make sure that your products contain the right ingredients to combat dryness, excessive oiliness and blemishes.

• Apply your facial lotion or cream on the neck and upper area of the chest as well.

• Choose gentle organic lotions or creams and cleansers that are formulated specifically for you skin, especially if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

Avoiding Common Skin Irritants

Avoid the irritants that are commonly found in household and hygiene products. Hygienic products such as hair conditioners and deodorants may contain ingredients that can irritate the skin. Household products like detergents that make contact with your skin can lead to contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. Switch to natural solutions or wear gloves while handling certain disinfectants and cleaners. Learn more about anti-itch creams here.

Anti-itch Treatments

Anti-itch creams consist of popular medications that can be used to treat different types of skin discomfort and irritation. They are often used for the purpose of treating burns, minor cuts, allergic reactions, sunburns, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections.

Anti-itch creams can also be used to relieve rashes that result from insect bites, poison oak and poison ivy. They are restricted to external use and topical application, which means that they should only be applied on the skin.

Anti-Itch Relief

There are various things that you should consider when looking for a cream before you choose a product.

• Menthol is a common ingredient in anti-itch products. It is a natural and safe component that provides anti-itch relief.

• Pramoxine hydrochloride is a powerful product that offers pain and anti-itch relief by numbing the skin and inhibiting itch.

• Effective anti-itch creams include fragrance-free treatments. These are ideal for avoiding fragrances that can be irritating for the user when applied to wounds, scrapes and cuts. Itchy skin is usually very dry and requires a product that contains hydrating properties to soothe and restore itchy, dry skin.

• Alcohol-free creams are preferable due to the irritating effects of alcohol that may leave the skin flaky and dry.

Itching is a common affliction that results from many factors that range from bug bites to skin conditions such as eczema. There are various treatment options that can reduce an itch and prevent reoccurrence.

Avoid Scratching

Avoid scratching an itch even though it may seem like the fastest way to get relief. Scratching can make the situation worse and prolong the irritation. Consider covering itching areas with gauze strips; wearing clothing that will cover the itch or keeping your nails short to resist the urge to scratch.

Cold Water

Cold water can provide instant relief from itching. Apply cold water to your skin to reduce the itching sensation. Run cool water or place a washcloth over the affected area until the itching stops. If the itch covers an extensive area, you can take a cold bath or shower. Ice packs are helpful but should never be applied directly on the skin. Wrap them in a wash cloth or towel.

Comfortable Clothing

Minimize irritation to the itchy area by making sure that the clothes you wear do not make the itch worse. Look for loose-fitting clothes that are made from smooth fabrics. Avoid constricting or tight clothing items. Natural fibres like cotton and silk are usually gentle on the skin.

Skincare Tips

• If sunburn causes your itching, apply sunscreen to exposed skin.

• Dry skin is susceptible to itchiness and using a good moisturizer can minimize the possibility of an itch.

• Apply creams as often as recommended, especially after a shower, shaving, exercise or any activity that irritates or dries out the skin.

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