Meet Cassidy Lance: CrossFit Games Athlete, Gymnast & Coach

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Meet Cassidy Lance: CrossFit Games Athlete, Gymnast & Coach
We sat down with Cassidy Lance of CrossFit Bolt recently at the 2014 inov-8 athlete retreat in beautiful Big Sur, California. Cassidy went to the CrossFit Games in 2013 as an individual (she had previously gone in 2010 as part of a team) after finishing 2nd in the very competitive South Central region. With her strong performance in the 2014 Open — finishing second overall in the South Central region — she is on track to make some noise again this year as well.

We covered a variety of topics, including her mental approach in carrying herself amid the maelstrom of competing as an individual rather than a team in last year’s Games (at 5:30 of the video) [Note: Our sincere apologies for the sound quality at times; it was a little windy on top of the hill where we were (but gorgeous)]:

My biggest issue was being prepared mentally and knowing I could keep up with those girls. I’ve seen Becca Voigt – she’s one of my favorite athletes to watch — she just has some confidence about her when she walks into the room, so just going through the Games I said, “Just be Becca Voigt” to have that confidence when I was walking around.

Not that Cassidy is any stranger to competition, having been a competitive gymnast at the University of Washington back in college. In addition to her own training, these days she coaches CrossFit in the morning and gymnastics in the afternoon. What does she tell the everyday CrossFitter? Always strive to be one level above your comfort zone to make sure you keep pushing, and don’t worry so much about comparing yourself to the other athletes at the box.

  • 0:00: Intro and qualifying for 2013 Games
  • 1:00: Her experience as an inov-8 sponsored athlete
  • 2:30: Cassidy’s athletic background as a University of Washington gymnast
  • 4:30: The heightened pressure now that she has qualified for the Games once
  • 6:00: Her advice for athletes trying to get to the Games
  • 6:45: Her advice for new CrossFit athletes
  • 8:15: Cassidy’s choice for her last meal on Earth

Big thanks to Cassidy for being such a great sport. Best of luck in the upcoming Regionals!

Follow Cassidy on Twitter at @Cassidy_Lance.

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