Meet Wes Piatt: We Talk Coast Range CrossFit, Being an inov-8 Sponsored Athlete and Sour Patch Kids

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Meet Wes Piatt: We Talk Coast Range CrossFit, Being an inov-8 Sponsored Athlete and Sour Patch Kids
We recently had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Wes Piatt in Big Sur, California at the inov-8 athlete retreat. Wes made it to the Games in 2013 out of the SoCal region but relocated to Gilroy to open Coast Range CrossFit as well as to join the Level 1 certification staff — he’s a busy man these days!

We covered a range of topics, including his views on coaching, what it means to be an inov-8 sponsored athlete and how he worked with their product teams on improvements and innovation, and what he learned about the miraculous recovery powers of Sour Patch Kids from his experience at the 2013 CrossFit Games (beginning at 3:00 in the video):

I was definitely going into it with the wrong mindset as far as nutrition goes as far as eating for competition vs. what you’d want to do for general health. After the first day we were there, I kind of “bonked” and lost all my glycogen stores and felt like absolute dog crap … I was eating strict Paleo, trying to be as clean as possible with broccoli and all this stuff and it just wasn’t enough.

What it took was my friend said, “Here, eat these Sour Patch Kids.” I ate two boxes of Sour Patch Kids and felt AMAZING and that was the science test right there.

As his own training volume has amped up greatly in preparation for the 2014 Games season, Wes also shares some common sense advice about newbies getting overly excited about CrossFit the Sport as opposed to getting familiar first with CrossFit as a methodology. Hint: for newbies and coaches, doing one WOD a day with your box community is fine and encouraged — burnout within one month is not the point. And he advises coaches to stay focused on knowing who your clients are beyond just bodies in a gym to serve them better and help them (in his words) “fall in love” with CrossFit and the community.

Best of luck to Wes as he prepares for the 2014 NorCal regionals after finishing 84th in the world (and 7th in NorCal) in the Open. And don’t forget to pack the Sour Patch Kids!

  • 0:00 Relocating to Gilroy and his new box, Coast Range CrossFit
  • 0:30 How he joined the inov-8 team & what it means to be a sponsored athlete
  • 3:00 His 2013 Games experience (and Sour Patch Kids …)
  • 4:15 His approach going into 2014
  • 5:20 Advice for new CrossFit athletes and for their coaches, and how to get folks to fall in love with the sport and with the community
  • 10:45 What his last meal on earth would be — all sweet, nothing savory!

Follow Wes Piatt on Twitter at @WesPiattCF.


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