Microneedling and Stem Cells – The Perfect Combo for a Beautiful Skin

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If you are new to the process of microneedling, you might not be thrilled with the idea of actually rolling some needles on your face. However, this is one of the most efficient skin care treatments of the moment. Combine the derma roller with AnteAGE’s revolutionary skin care products, and you will regain your youthful appearance faster than you could ever imagine.

Understanding microneedling
Before we go into the major advantages of AnteAGE’s beauty products, you need to understand how the microneedling process works. Also known as CIT (collagen induction therapy) or dermal rolling, microneedling is a process which involves controlled piercings of the skin’s uppermost layer, a process which releases countless healing biosignals. When performed correctly, microneedling results in a boost of collagen production, which results in less wrinkles, and an overall healthier and more radiant skin. This process is a lot less invasive than laser treatments, and it has been proven to be extremely efficient, not only for wrinkles but also for acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

Why choose AnteAGE
As you all know, our skin has amazing healing powers when we are young. However, these healing capacities becomes weaker with age. Scientists have long understood that the body’s healing system is based on the bone marrow stem cells, which release precious bio-signals when finding skin injuries. Sadly, we are born with a limited number of stem cells and, as far as we know, we can’t stimulate the production of these cells. Nonetheless, recent studies have proved that the bio signals used by the stem cells, can also work independently from the cells. The AnteAGE skin care products use these bio signals to heal existing scars and prevent further skin damage.

The perfect combo
Many famous beauty brands are stuck in their old ways, still relying on ancient beauty formulas. AnteAGE is a revolutionary brand which has come up with a unique approach to healing damaged skin. Their scientists have decoded the healing language of the stem cells and they are using growth factors and cytokines in order to restore the skin’s natural healing system. The products have a hyaluronic acid base, which is 100% compatible with the skin’s physiology. This solution can synergistically enhance the body’s response to the microneedling treatment. The collagen induction therapy is usually performed by an esthetician, who often recommends at-home microneedling sessions for maintenance. When these sessions are used in combination with stem cell beauty products, the results are beyond surprising.

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