Women’s Only: How Much Does Guilt Weigh?

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Women's Only: How Much Does Guilt Weigh?

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We are women. We are strong. We do CrossFit. We are mothers. We feel guilty. Mommy guilt is something that comes with the territory. You become a mother; you inherit all types of guilt. As a woman, I discovered CrossFit and it changed my life. I found this strong woman who was capable of anything. I can move weight and complete workouts that I never thought possible. So why is it that two small children can bring me to my knees? How do we learn to balance our lives, jobs, goals, and families?

I could make a list a mile long about the things I feel guilty about. One of them does not need to be taking care of myself.
I started CrossFit as a workout program. It was going to be something I did a couple of days a week while the kids were otherwise occupied. At the time, I worked full time and my children were 18 months old and 4 years old. I was busy. After the first month, I was hooked and was trying to figure out when I could get to the gym as much as possible and how it was all going to work. I have a supportive husband who is great with the kids, but that is not where the guilt came from. It came from within. I was choosing my own wants, needs, and goals. Guilt.  So the question becomes, how do we balance it? Fast forward three years, and I have a different job that allows me to workout during the day while my kids are at school, and I am also a trainer. But the guilt is still there. There are times when they have to come with me. I drag them to the gym, plug them into an iPad for a bit, and do some work. I feel guilty. The kids don’t complain — and have since started CrossFit Kids — but I still feel guilty. Where does our guilt end and being a good example begin?

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