My Favorite CrossFit Moments of 2012: Part 1

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Coach Michaela Xavier snatching with poise at the Paradigm CrossFit competition

Covering the CrossFit industry as a startup media company in 2012 was filled to the brim with exciting imagery and compelling stories. Each new venture or relationship we established this year allowed us to provide our global audience with a small window into niche CrossFit communities in the Western United States….some, of course, that are rather used to the spotlight (ehem, Rocklin, Diablo, NorCal, etc.), and others whose stories may not have been told with such fervor otherwise. Regardless of the stature of the athlete, box, or competition, one variable remained consistent across the spectrum – CrossFit builds community.

Although I took several thousand photos during our travels over the past year, it wasn’t difficult in the least to pinpoint the moments that stood out to me the most. That’s the beauty of CrossFit: amazing awe-inspiring events happen every day, at every box, around the entire world – and I was fortunate enough to capture a few. So I invite our loyal following, as well as any new eyes viewing our site for the first time, to join me in this tour of my 24 favorite CrossFit images of our travels during 2012.

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