New to the Open? Tips from a CrossFit Judge

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CrossFit Open Workout 14.1 at CrossFit OPO, in Oporto – Portugal

This year, over 200,000 athletes signed up for the CrossFit Games Open. Among them, many are first-time participants, probably even from new affiliates who are likewise inexperienced with how the Open works.

As a second-time Open participant and active CrossFit Judge, and after seeing too many invalid video submissions, I thought it might be a good idea to post a few guidelines for those who are submitting their workouts for the Open for the first time. You cannot imagine how much it pains me (and other Judges, I’m sure) to invalidate a video submission from a great athlete just because they forgot to mention their region or used the wrong weight. With 14.2 just around the corner, hopefully this post will come in handy for those who want to go all the way in this year’s Open.

Name, region, category, workout

Always state your name, region, category (if applicable) and which workout you will be doing.
  • At the beginning of the video, always state your name, region, and which workout you will be doing (for example, “Marta Mancelos, Europe region, Open Workout 14.1″). If you are a Masters athlete, you also need to mention which category you are in. It is mandatory to do so, and failing to mention even one of those elements will invalidate your video submission.

Show off that gear


CrossFit Open Workout 14.1 at CrossFit Alvalade, in Lisbon – Portugal

  • You need to properly show us (the Judges) the material you will be using during the workout. If it is a bar and weights, make sure that the camera focuses on the numbers written on the bumper plates, in order for us to be able to confirm that the right weights are being used. When it comes to targets that need to be measured (for example, if there are target burpees in the workout), please make sure you show yourself measuring the required height with a measuring tape (or even a ruler!), so that this process is 100% clear in the video.

Watching the clock

  • The timer used during the workout must ALWAYS be visible during the video recording. Be it big or small, on a wall or just an iPad or iPhone, anything goes — as long as it remains on sight during the whole video. Showing a stopwatch at the beginning of the video and then removing it from sight will invalidate your video.
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