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No CrossFit? No Problem!
I’m supposed to be writing a post about my Murph experience. That will just have to wait. I’m fired up right now. I’ve seen that “Why I Don’t Do CrossFit” article shared one too many times. I’ve seen one too many haters on social media bashing my passion when I know damn well they have never dropped a bead of sweat inside a CrossFit box. When I had to engineer piping system designs in the past, I placed relief valves in the system to open and vent when the system pressure got too high. This is my relief valve.

Hey, you, come a little closer. A little more. Yeah that’s good. I want to tell you something important, something you need to know. Here it is…

I don’t care if you don’t CrossFit.

Did you get that? Let me say it again.


I do not care if CrossFit is not for you. That’s awesome. Do you have another form of fitness you love? I’m legitimately happy for you! Like running marathons? Sweet. Is that for me? Nope. Am I going to bash you for it? Nope. Am I going to create a social media account dedicated to spewing venomous hate towards your 26.2 miles? Nope. In fact, let me help all those haters out right here.

You can get hurt doing CrossFit!

You can get hurt doing CrossFit!

People, you can get hurt doing any form of physical activity. You sign a waiver with ANY training you do, be it a sporting event or signing up for a gym membership.
Yes you can! You can get hurt pretty bad! You can mess yourself up doing a weight that is too heavy for you. Loaded barbells dropping throughout the box can be a hazard if you aren’t careful. Try doing high repetitions of kipping pull-ups without the prerequisite strength to do a strict pull-up can damage your rotator cuffs big time.

I guess we should stick to doing “normal” stuff like running (shin splints, rolled ankles, cracked heel bones, serious dehydration, poisonous snakebite as you’re running) or low intensity globo gym work like bench presses. No one ever gets hurt doing a bench press, right? Ever heard of Stafon Johnson? If the name sounds familiar, he’s the USC running back who was seriously injured doing a bench press.

Johnson was performing a “bench press” lift with what doctors were told was 275 pounds when the bar apparently slipped from his hand and landed on his throat. USC officials said an assistant strength and conditioning coach was working with Johnson as a “spotter” when the accident happened, but he was unable to stop the bar from injuring the player.

Gosh. Hey Erin Simmons, I sure hope they don’t do bench presses at Florida State. I hope that, in the 5 years you were at Florida State University working out with a 3 time back-to-back national championship team, never once were you asked to do a bench press by one of your strength coaches.

People, you can get hurt doing any form of physical activity. You sign a waiver with ANY training you do, be it a sporting event or signing up for a gym membership. There are risks inherent with any type of training. That’s why trainers and coaches get paid! Which reminds me…

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