No Rep! 7 Tips To Make Sure You Are Competition-Ready

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by Missy Berkowitz

No Rep! 7 Tips To Make Sure You Are Competition-Ready
Competitions: we all love them, right? We must because we keep doing them. After we compete, from time to time we talk smack about the judges who no-repped us.

Man, I would have had that 235 clean if that judge didn’t no rep me.

Maybe, just maybe, the judge made the right call. When we WOD on our own, sometimes we get called out on form and reps by the coaches but for the most part we are left to police ourselves. There could be things we do (or don’t do) that in a competition without even realizing, would result in the dreaded NO REP!

What’s worse than doing 20 wall balls? Doing 30 because you didn’t get full depth in the squat.
To avoid this and some other competition snafus, here are some tips to commit to memory.


For many movements, a rep is not complete if you do not fully lock out. In a clean for example, make sure you are in a full standing position with your knees locked out as well as having your elbows locked out. For a push press or push jerk even, make sure your arms are fully locked out overhead before you bring the bar back down.

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