Now and Then: Why I’m Not an “After” and Don’t Want to Be Your Fitspo

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Now and Then: Why I'm Not an "After" and Don't Want to Be Your Fitspo
So I said it before: I’m not big on being an “after.” I don’t dig before and after photos. I don’t feel super-comfortable with the whole idea. But, as I also said before, if it’ll help or inspire anyone, I’ll share my story and maybe a few pictures. Wondering what I’m talking about? Catch up with nutrition posts 1 and 2.

I promised you a part 3, and I guess this would be it. Let’s start with the photos.

I strategically chose the photos to share and they’re not before and after photos in the traditional sense. I prefer to refer to them as “Now and Then.” To me, the idea of being a “Before and After” implies that there was something wrong, I changed it, I’m done, and now I’m better.

I don’t really think I’ll ever be “done”; I’m still human, I still struggle, and I’ll never fully feel like I arrived.

But I have reached the weight goal I set for myself (with the help of my coach) — which is worth celebrating — although I still don’t feel the process is over. Also, I don’t feel like there was something wrong with me in the “Before” or “Then” situation. I was happy, I liked who I was, and I still think that person was an awesome Hilary. I just decided to make some changes to enable me to perform better at the sport I love (like I’ve said in previous posts, appearance and aesthetics are great, and I do love how I look now, but that wasn’t my main goal).

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