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A couple of decades ago, solo women RV travelers were rare sights. Even if you could spot a few, they were usually older women with a strong financial footing. Fast forward to 2017 – more and more women in their 30’s and early 40’s and even 20’s are joining the elite club of RV owners. With more and more women entering into the higher income bracket, there has been a surge in the numbers of independent women who can afford the purchase and maintenance of mobile homes. In addition, several studies have found that nearly 85 percent of women are influencing their family’s automobile purchase decision. What do all these data mean for RV owners like you who are planning to sell off their rig in the near future? Big opportunities, of course. However, at the same time, you should realize that selling an RV to women buyers is a different ballgame altogether. You need to be a psychologist first and salesman second, when it comes to handling your female customers. Below are a few pointers to help you play your psychology card right:

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• Did you know that there actually exists a Facebook page named ‘Women Hate Car Dealers’ and it has a whopping 6,557 likes! Well, the very existence of a page with a name like this is reflective of the general sentiment that women automobile buyers have toward the dealership community. Studies find that most women car buyers are concerned with not getting a fair price or not being taken seriously during the demonstration phase. Many of them feel that they could not make the right purchase decision because the traits were not explained adequately to them. This is a general picture relating to the automobile industry. But while selling your rig, you can take cues from these psychological traits relating to women buyers and churn out your strategy accordingly.

• First of all, you need to make her feel comfortable throughout the inspection and negotiation process. When interacting with a women prospect, keep in mind that she must be well informed. The chances are that she has done her homework well and comes fully prepared. So treat her as she is; don’t make the mistake of assuming that she barely knows the ABCs of driving or maintaining a motor home.

• Car industry research reveals that for women buyers four automobile attributes matter the most – safety, maneuverability, fuel efficiency, small size. Of course, the last factor is not applicable as far as an RV is concerned but draw her attention to the other traits. If your rig is equipped with an electronic power-steering, show her how this feature ensures easy maneuverability. Tell her that with its security features like electronic locks and alarm systems, your rig is just ideal for a solo woman driver. Talk about the vehicle’s impressive mileage.

• When showing the rig to the buyer, discuss the features that might be important to her. However, don’t assume that all women have similar preferences. Priorities of a single woman in her 20’s could be very different from someone in their late 50’s. Take different approaches for individual customers. For example, while marketing your rig to an older woman, emphasize on features that add to an occupant’s comfort level such as extra recliner beds, drop-down bunker beds, and electric-powered slide-outs. On the other hand, if your target is a stylish young woman who has come to inspect the motor home wearing stilettos, tell her about your rig’s high-quality flooring that will allow her to walk around on heels without giving it scratches. Similarly, if a customer comes wearing a pair of work boots, draw her attention to floor mats and carpets that you use to protect the flooring from outside elements like mud and snow. The catch here is: pay attention to your customers’ attire to get an idea about her lifestyle preferences and think up quickly which aspects of your rig she might find interesting. Draw her attention to them.

• A few other features that you should bring to her attention include the ease of accessibility and high quality of the materials and appliances used in your RV.

With more and more women getting inclined towards a life in the outdoors, the chances are high that some of your prospects will be women. How to go about it? While selling your RV to women customers, focus on the psychological areas discussed above. Treat them with respect, pay attention, and it shouldn’t be difficult to seal the deal.

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