Occupational Therapy Interventions and Job Outlook

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Occupation Therapy Interventions
Occupational therapists play an important holistic role in the healthcare setup. They help treat sick, injured or disabled people using everyday therapeutic activities. The patients may be suffering from a host of chronic conditions, including COPD, arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, mental and physical impairment or learning and developmental disabilities.


The Occupational Therapy treatment regimen is focused on helping patients recover or improve skills to enable them perform everyday activities independently. Since Occupational Therapists spend most of their time on their feet working with patients. The services OT professionals typically perform individualized evaluation, customized interventions and evaluate the outcomes. The most prevalent occupational therapy interventions include:

• Assisting injured people regain skills
• Helping children with disabilities participate in everyday social activities in school
• Supporting older adults suffering from cognitive and physical challenges

The assistance provided by occupational therapists with regards to daily activities may include personal care activities, personal management skills and home skills. Physical activities are crucial in restoring joint motion, strength, good posture and flexibility. The personal care activities include eating and dressing while personal management skills include the skills like gardening, cooking and housekeeping.

Occupational therapy professional may also recommend fitting braces and splints depending on the patient’s needs. When recommending the right interventions for patient’s recovery, the living and working environment are also evaluated to gauge their suitability. The OT professionals also provide guidance and education to the client’s family.

Occupational Therapist in Prince George County
This populous county is home to numerous occupational therapy centers serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Prince George’s County in Maryland prides itself in hosting important US government installations such as Joint Base Andrews and the United States Census Bureau headquarters. To get in touch with Occupational Therapy Prince George’s County professionals, you can visit sites such as Dcwed.org and Yelp.com, where you will find a comprehensive database of OT offices, their contact information and reviews.

Overview of OT Job Market and Education
Most occupational therapist work in hospitals, occupational therapy offices, nursing homes and schools. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for occupational therapy professionals in 2015 stood at $80,000 per year or $38.50 per hour. The number of occupational therapist in the US workplace during the same year stood at 114,000.

Students who want to become an occupational therapy professional can do so by enrolling in a 4 year OT degree course or go to a professional school to study post-bachelor certificate. This is important because most states in the US, including Maryland will not issue license to students who do not have a degree in Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapist Assistants, on the other hand, must obtain an Associates or a certificate.

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