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Riding a two-wheeler gives you an adrenaline rush, doesn’t it? But, what about the risk of physical injury when riding your bike? Most of the times it may not be your fault as the streets are filled with idiots, who are reckless. Regardless of who is to be blamed, they will still point the finger at you. As a rider, it is your responsibility to be alert on the road and take precautions. Hence, insuring your two-wheeler is a must.

With the advancement of technology, now you can easily purchase online insurance for two-wheeler rather than going to an agent. If you’re looking for more reasons to go the online way, look no further! Following are few ways how buying policy online would benefit you.

First-hand information and interaction with the Brand
Whenever one thinks of the term “insurance”, the first thing that comes to mind is the countless stories of mis-selling. Buying two-wheeler insurance offline doesn’t let you interact with the brand, but with the agent representing such brand. Hence, you are completely at the mercy of the agent. On the other hand, while purchasing insurance online, you have all the information at your disposal. You can compare prices, policies, companies and testimonies of various companies at your own convenience.

So the money goes to the right hands. The question is, how much money?
If you have ever shopped online (which you’ve obviously), you know the favorite word of the e-stores – discounts! One of the biggest advantages of E-commerce industry is reduced cost for the service provider in the form of reduction in infrastructure, employee and distribution cost. This creates a win-win situation for all parties. The service provider can retain a better margin, and also, provide a cheaper price to the consumer. Twi-wheeler insurance sector is no different. With substantial savings in paperwork, distribution and the likes, the cost benefit is passed on to the consumer. This results in cheaper premiums and higher sums assured.

But the agent does all the work for me!
Can you really be sure of that? Buying online insurance for two-wheeler is fast, hassle-free and accessible 24*7 from anywhere in the world. It ensures that all the information is available to you. You can get your policy at the privacy of your homes, sitting in your boxers, or at a specifically monotonous meeting at work, simply by filling out a few forms.

Spending money to go to stores, instead of bringing stores to you, is like riding a horse to work while your AUDI is adorning your garage. The way the industry is growing, and with the solutions it provides to the customers, E-commerce is the future!

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