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Ask The Doc: Pose Running For Healthy Joints

Ask The Doc: Pose Running For Healthy Joints

According to “Healthy People 2020 Exercise in Medicine ™”, approximately 20 million Americans run. Up to 79% of runners will sustain an injury in a given year. 49% of those injuries will be a re-occurrence. The technical term for such trends is ‘That’s Crazy’!
Blair Morrison: Dealing With An Injury

Blair Morrison: Dealing With An Injury

As much as we’d like it to be otherwise, our bodies are perishable items. It is pretty common to describe impressive athletes as machines or beasts, but they are not. Olympic biathletes are the same mix of blood, bone, and tissue as everybody else; subject to the same wear and tear, susceptible to the same bumps …
Women, Body Image and the Media: A New Emphasis

Women, Body Image and the Media: A New Emphasis

In the past few weeks, a number of articles have been published exploring the portrayal of women’s bodies in the media and the extent to which CrossFit has done things differently. Productive discussions have followed, with many of my readers asking for my perspective on this huge and complex issue. As a 44-year-old …

What CrossFit Means to Me: A Way to PR at Life

You think that CrossFit has taken over your life and your family think you are now part of a cult because you have changed. But it is not a cult and it is not even CrossFit. It is you. CrossFit is a tool showing you the way to actively taking control of your life.
Engaging The Glutes

Why We Must Squat

Squats are super important and quite beneficial. Here are some of the key reasons why you need to incorporate squatting into your training program.
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CrossFit for the “Unfit” CrossFitter

When I tell people that I CrossFit, I see that little look of disbelief, that "you??", flash in their eyes. It's gone quickly enough, and luckily I haven't yet come across anyone rude enough to say it out loud.
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