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Squat cleans 101

Squat Cleans: How Low Can You Go?

Maxed out on your power clean? Add more weight to your cleans by learning how to squat clean properly. Read on for some helpful cues and technique drills to help you improve.
Coach Larry Pastor from CrossFit Silicon Valley

Larry Pastor

Larry is a great coach and a dedicated, experienced CrossFitter. Who knew that this former lab rat would grow into a natural firebreather?

Michaela Xavier

Michaela, admittedly, "hated" CrossFit initially. Now she is a stellar coach, elite CrossFit athlete, and box owner with her husband.
Matt Bernan's tabata tale

Matt Bernan

Like many of us, Matt wishes he would have found CrossFit earlier in life. Now he pushes through WODs by thinking about delicious food...
Daniel Garo from Norcal CrossFit

Daniel Garo

Daniel, a former pro baseball player, found that CrossFit filled a competitive void in his life after returning from an injury.
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