Planning to Buy a Diesel Motor Home? Know It Before You Buy One

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Diesel motor homes! Equipped with sophisticated air-ride suspension system, they offer smoother rides than their gas-powered counterparts. Also, they have better braking abilities and can scale more heights than gas engines, thanks to their higher torque. They can haul more weight and offer 15 percent more fuel efficiency than a gasoline version. Well, they don’t have high voltage electrical ignition systems like the gasoline options, but the lack of this feature is actually a blessing in disguise as the lacuna adds to the reliability and make them more damp-safe. These 45-feet long behemoths can accommodate a king or a queen size bed and more than one sofa sleeper. With plenty of storage space, these large units allow a family of four to travel in it comfortably. What is more? The large side windows and bus-style front windows bring the outdoor within, making your road trips even more exciting. However, quality comes at a price, and these diesel pushers are no exception. The advantages of these vehicles translate into a high price tag than their gas-engine counterparts. Even entry level units command a whopping $80,000 at the least, while the price of some of the top models can go up well into the millions. That being said, there is a good reason to give used diesel motor homes some serious consideration. Whether you opt for a pre-owned or a brand-new model, these plush vehicles require some extra attention and specialized maintenance, so it’s important to get to know a diesel RV better before purchasing one:

Diesel RV

Generic Features of Diesel Motor Homes

Each RV model comes with its own list of specifications like the maximum weight it can carry or the distance it can travel on a single fill-up. These are all model-specific issues. However, there still are some generic features that you can expect to get from all diesel RV models:

Fuel Efficiency: All large vehicles are fuel-guzzlers. However, if you compare between a gas and a diesel motor home, the latter gives you a significantly more fuel efficiency than the former types. While gas engines give you an MPG of 6-10, for their diesel counterparts, the figure stands in the 8-14 MPG range. This increased efficiency offers significant cost saving on your fuel budget in the long run.

Safe Stopping: One does not have to have a lot of scientific knowledge to understand that the heavier the vehicle, the more difficult it is for it to come to a smooth halt. Diesel pushers leverage sophisticated air braking technology that enables them to stop instantly without jeopardizing the safety of the vehicle and the passengers therein. The use of air braking technology also lets them do away with brake fluids which, in turn, help owners avoid a lot of maintenance complexities.

Loading: Diesel motor homes are designed to carry a lot of weight. But that does not mean that you can overload them. Carrying more weight than what is recommended can affect their fuel efficiency and cause problems with the maneuverability. So don’t buy a model just by judging the features alone. First, figure out whether the model can support your travel needs. Take a tour of individual RV models to see which one fits your needs perfectly.

Towing Capacity:Sometimes, you may want to tow an extra vehicle behind your motor home. Thanks to its high torque, diesel RVs can lug heavier loads without putting a lot of stress on the engine. However, the towing capacity may vary from model to model. So, before choosing a unit, check the weight that the model can safely tow.

Maintenance: Motor homes are complex machines. They demand proper servicing in a timely manner. If you fulfill these maintenance requirements, it will be in a good running condition for years. If you don’t have any hands-on training in automobile engineering (we don’t think too many RV owners have that skill, anyway), you cannot expect to handle all aspects of maintenance on your own. You may need to hire a pro to take care of the job.

In its current state, RV market is definitely a buyer’s market. You have so many options out there. If you research well, finding a suitable used diesel motor home would not be difficult. We have just told you what to look for in individual units while shopping this type of rigs. Keep our pointers in mind for a smooth decision making.

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