Product Review: Primo Chalk

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Primo chalk

I have to admit, among the many gym products we’re asked to review here at Tabata Times, gym chalk was the last thing I expected to be shipped my way. Primo Chalk is a company that claims to have somehow improved the very straightforward magnesium carbonate by adding in “organic essential oils,” anti-bacterial properties, and a very pleasant smell. I mean, chalk has been used in strength training and gymnastics for a long time with no complaints, so who wouldn’t be skeptical of these claims?

However, as the owner of a strength gym, I can attest that we go through a lot of chalk here; we were curious about whether or not Primo Chalk actually was offering something different. After two weeks of continuous use at the gym with powerlifts, Olympic lifts, and gymnastics, we were all quite impressed with the 6oz. sample of chalk we got. Here is the consensus among my members:


  • The smell is the first thing you notice; it smells great with the essential oils infusion. All my members enjoyed the pleasant smell. [From the website: “The blend of oils referred to as ‘thieves oil’ has been used as a health promoting agent for centuries. The blend is traditionally made with Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils.”]
  • Because the chalk is already loose, the fineness of it really gets into your hands, thus providing a more adhesive feel when you grip.
  • It lasts longer than standard chalk blocks. The fineness allows for less reapplication between lifts. This is a huge plus for a strength gym where everyone is constantly chalking up.
  • The sock ball included with the sample made for a more even application and limited the amount of unneeded chalk on the hands.


  • The fineness of the chalk makes it a bit tougher to clean up off rubber gym flooring. Make sure you have a big enough bucket for patting the chalk.
  • This chalk is more expensive than your usual chalk blocks.
  • The awesome smell fades a bit after about two weeks of use.

Primo chalk 2

All in all, this stuff is great and does not disappoint with respect to the company’s claims. In the grand scheme of things, this chalk’s longevity does somewhat outweigh its cost. So if you’re a thriving gym and looking to further improve the finer details of what you’re offering your members, Primo Chalk would be a good addition to your space.

Find out more about Primo Chalk here:

Twitter: @primochalk

Steve Kpa is the owner and head coach of Anchored Strength and Conditioning in Milpitas, CA.

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