Reasons for using e-cigarettes

by simonhopes | May 30, 2017 2:12 am

Most of the people use e-cigarettes for quitting smoking and recreation. They thought vaping is healthier than smoking, although some are concerned about possible adverse health effects. In a survey of US at 2013 found that 56% of respondents had tried vaping to quit or reduce their smoking. 26% of respondents would use them in areas where smoking was banned found in the same survey. None adults tried smoking due to curiosity, because a relative was using them, or because they were given one. Most of the college students are vaping for experimentation. At smokers suggests e-cigarettes are “newer, healthier, cheaper and easier to use in smoke-free situations[1], all reasons that e-cigarette users claim motivate their use”. Some smokers use e-cigarettes for their marketing aimed because e-cigarettes are “newer, healthier, cheaper and easier to use in smoke-free situations, all reasons that e-cigarette users claim motivate their use”. E-cigarette advertising motivated people to try them. Some researchers suggest about vaping during pregnancy. Vapers disagreed about whether this was a benefit or a drawback. Many users use them because they are cheaper from traditional cigarettes. Due to issues with the devices some users stopped vaping. A small percentage of users’ motives were to avoid smoking bans, some survey found that and some survey found 40% of users said they used the device for this reason. Some users like e-juice without nicotine.

Why young people take e-cigarettes.
Young people take e-cigarettes more likely to try smoking than their peers who do not use e-cigarettes. As they may perceive that trying e-cigarettes is less risky and more socially appealing, the health and lifestyle appeal may also encourage young non-smokers to use e-cigarettes. May be this is decrease negative beliefs or concerns about nicotine addiction. Like adults marketing might appeal to young people. Young people may treat e-cigarettes as a symbol of rebellion. Due to curiosity, flavors, and peer influences young people take e-cigarettes. May be e-juice[2] attracted to the young people because of their high-tech design, assortment of flavors, and accessibility online. Candy and fruit flavored e-cigarettes are designed to appeal to young people claimed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Out of curiosity infants and toddlers could ingest the e-liquid from an e-cigarette device. By trying a disposable e-cigarette, users may begin. Eventually moving to a later-generation device[3], Users often start with e-cigarettes resembling normal cigarettes. Young people should not take any cigarettes, traditional or e-cigarettes. We should more careful of our children. Most of the young people suffer from mental depression, for that they take it to relief. Their parents should be careful and should try to spend time with them, make them happy. And also some students take e-cigarettes because they see their friends to take it. Some student also influences from their parents.

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