Renting a Marquee – Important Tips to Keep in Mind

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Marquee halls are commonly used for holding get-togethers and big events such as wedding receptions or birthday parties. A marquee is basically a large tent that’s designed for commercial or personal functions. Placed in a large expanse of land, a marquee can be decorated however you would like. There are plenty of different options available to people for decorating the place. If there’s a big function coming up, you should consider renting a marquee and making arrangements beforehand. Here are a few tips that will help you rent a marquee and decorate it within your budget.

A Decent Location
The first and most important thing that you need to consider is the location of the marquee. Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia, so it would not be a wise move to rent the marquee in a location that’s difficult to reach for most of your guests. Whether you are planning for a commercial function or a wedding reception, the location speaks a lot. You also need to consider the needs of your guests before confirming the marquee hire. You need to think about guests who are handicapped or disabled and make proper arrangements for setting up ramps so that handicapped guests don’t face any issues.

Of course, there should be adequate parking available at the venue; make sure you discuss these things with the marquee rental company. You can also hire a valet parking company for the duration of the event to make life easy for your guests. Make sure that you prioritise the location of the marquee above all else.

How many guests are going to be attending the event? You should ask people to RSVP a couple of months beforehand so that you can make arrangements accordingly. Once you know the number of guests who will be attending the event, you can then discuss the size requirements with the marquee rental company. Obviously, bigger marquees are going to cost more, and the decorations will also set you back a considerable amount. Therefore, you should set a budget first about how much money you can spend on renting the marquee, as well as decorating it.

You should request quotes from two or three different marquee rental companies before making a decision. Do not blow through most of your budget on simply renting the marquee; remember you will need to pay a considerable amount for decorations as well.

The key to pulling off a successful party is to decorate the venue as beautifully as possible. You can hire an event planner for making sure that the whole thing goes smoothly, or you can decide to decorate the place yourself. If you take the latter option, you will need to find a local party planning company to rent the decorations from. If you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself, it’s best if you let an event planner do the whole thing for you!

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