“Secondary Cellular Death” Is Actually Negligent Homicide

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"Secondary Cellular Death" Is Actually Negligent Homicide

You roll your ankle. Some cells die instantly. Many others are doomed to the same fate.1 This process of selective elimination is known as primary cellular death, and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do to prevent or reverse the carnage.*

Cells that are otherwise perfectly healthy do not die as a result of some divinely-inspired preprogramed inescapable injury-driven master plan. They die (mostly) unnecessarily from suffocation and disuse.
Next, assuming that you remain fundamentally still (which is clearly out of sync with the basic principles of tissue preservation and regeneration and functional circulation), the area around your ankle will begin to unnecessarily swell, the pressure will build, and the sensation of pain will increase. Within hours, normal weight-bearing activities like standing and walking will become impractical and simply wiggling your toes will likely elevate your perception of discomfort. Soon, otherwise perfectly healthy local cells that were totally unaffected by the initial trauma will die from suffocation and disuse because the congestion in the area will prevent the necessary flow of oxygen, nourishment and waste,1 and disuse will literally cause the musculoskeletal system to self-destruct (atrophy).

Yes, I said “die.” When something that was previously alive suffocates or irretrievably “atrophies,” it is no longer alive … which means that it is dead. Collectively this is known (albeit incorrectly) as secondary cellular death; unlike primary cellular death, it is mostly preventable.

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