Seven Compelling Reasons to Choose Linen Tablecloths for Your Restaurant

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Whether you only just opened your restaurant or want to upgrade one that has been owned and managed by your family for generations, one of the best actions that you can take is to use linen tablecloths rather than leaving tables bare or, worse, using low-quality options. Linens simply look amazing and are more cost-effective in the long run because they can be washed and pressed using a quality linen service, effectively eliminating the need for other options. The napkins and tablecloths used on each table will also add to the appearance and ambiance of your interior, setting the proper tone of the meal from the start and enhancing the overall experience so that all guests leave satisfied.

The experience of any patron visiting your restaurant will start from the moment that he or she first enters the doors of your establishment and continue until he or she finally steps back out of those doors. For this reason alone, you cannot afford to let your restaurant appear any less professional and attractive than your brand demands and quality linen tablecloths and napkins make a real difference. First and foremost, linens tell patrons that your restaurant is of a certain quality and that they may expect this quality to reflect in the taste and presentation of the food. Linens also make your food appear more attractive by offering up a pleasant backdrop for the plate.

Linen tablecloths are far more sanitary than having no covering at all even if you have your staff wipe down the tables with sanitising products between patrons. Rather than simply wiping the table down and pushing dirt around the surface instead of actually cleaning it, linens are completely removed and then replaced before a new guest sits down to order, leaving the surface pristine, beautiful, and free of any potential stains caused by the previous patron. Used tablecloths and napkins are also carefully taken care of by a reliable linen company capable of not only returning freshly cleaned, dried, and pressed linens but also reducing water use by up to 50% so that you do your part to improve the environment as well.

Choose to Rent
Once you know for a fact that you want to get linens, it is time to decide whether you want to make the large investment of purchasing them outright or to save money by simply renting the linens from a table linen rental company. The choice to rent will offer you a wide range of options and there are reputable companies located right here in the UK that will allow you to receive their services and rent their products without the frustration of a restrictive contract. Renting is always far more cost-effective in the long run and the same companies who rent you the linens are happy to help you save still more money with a reliable laundry service dedicated to quality and fast turnaround.

Absorbing Spills
If you should have a patron turn over his or her glass and spill the liquid inside, as is inevitable in the restaurant environment, a linen tablecloth will catch and absorb much of the liquid before it can reach the patron and other guests. In this way, spills are more easily contained and much less destructive than if the drink were to spill on a bare table where it would simply roll off and into the lap of all nearby patrons. In the restaurant business, it is imperative that you take whatever steps are necessary to protect your guests, even from themselves, so that they enjoy a quality experience and want to return for a second visit.

Sound Reduction
Cloth is excellent at absorbing sound and helping a busy restaurant to feel more approachable for guests looking to spend time talking while they eat their meals. In restaurants with bare tables, the noise of many patrons will have far more to bounce off of, making a room feel much louder than it might actually be in reality. Since many guests will simply leave a restaurant if they feel that it is too noisy to handle, you may not be able to afford leaving your tables bare to amplify the sounds produced by your guests, staff, TVs, and other noise-producing sources.

The ecosystem is already in enough danger without the many tonnes of paper products used and then thrown away each year and you do your part to reduce this by choosing linens. Since linen products may be washed, pressed, and then reused, they are far more environmentally friendly compared to paper that can only be used once. Not only do you reduce the amount of paper sent into the rubbish pile but you also help to reduce the number of trees turned into paper each year so that the earth may continue to be just a bit greener by your choice.

Just as turning away from paper napkins and other products is good for the environment, so too is it great for your monthly budget because you will never need to worry about paying bulk prices for paper napkins again. In addition, using tablecloths will eliminate the need for coasters of any kind on which drinks sit, further helping you to reduce the amount of money that you must dedicate to simply keeping your stock of paper goods up. While you are making cost-effective decisions for your restaurant, remember that the clever invention of electric hand dryers will also help to dramatically reduce the amount of paper goods needed at your establishment each month.

To put it simply, linen tablecloths easily help you to save money each month so that you may put those profits into more effective business investments such as marketing or getting in more of your ingredients with each shipment. The more money you can put into the betterment of your restaurant, the more likely you are to experience a true increase in guest visits, woo regular visitors, and spread the news of your great restaurant throughout your location. The best restaurants bring in patrons from all corners of the UK and even beyond and linens help to make that a possibility for yours.

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