Should You Drink Milk?

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Why You Should Drink Milk
I know what you’re thinking: Now that’s a loaded question. And yes, you’re right — ¬†it is loaded with pros and cons. I’ll cover the benefits and the potential not so good effects of milk and then let you decide whether it’s the right thing for your body.

Why You Should Drink Milk

In the sports nutrition world, milk has been touted as nature’s perfect recovery drink that contains a near optimal balance of carbs, protein, and fat. So what are the benefits and why all this post-workout recovery talk?

Milk Proteins, Amino Acid Content, Carb + Protein Blend
    • Milk protein is loaded with whey and casein. Both are beneficial to muscle recovery and building because of the high level of essential aminos they contain.
    • On the protein quality rating system (PDCAAS), milk protein scores very high because of its leucine density. Just in case you were not aware, leucine is a branched chain amino acid triggers muscle growth by stimulating protein synthesis in our bodies.
    • Whey protein’s upregulation of glycogen synthase. In plain language, whey protein will help speed up glycogen replenishment in your muscles. Combining carbs (lactose) with whey protein is a good idea within 30 minutes post-workout.
    • Bio-active peptides. Not only are the peptides loaded with essential aminos, but have also been shown to boost the immune and lymphatic system responses.
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