Smartlipo: What to Expect?

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Liposuction, by definition, is a method of removing fat from under the skin, and while Smartlipo is about achieving the same objective, the laser-powered method is different from traditional liposuction. It is more efficient, less invasive, and the patient usually makes a much faster recovery. However, it only makes sense to know what exactly to expect from the procedure before you head over to the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic for a session.


Don’t Expect to Lose Much Weight
While discussing liposuction, we instinctively and falsely assume that it’s a procedure for fast weight loss. The process can and will probably result in some weight loss but it won’t be anything significant because that’s not what Smartlipo is about. If you want to lose serious weight, you will likely need to join a gym and start dieting.

Smartlipo is Perfect for Spot Reduction
There’s a myth that spot reduction is possible through exercise and that’s why we generally see overweight people doing lots of crunches and sit-ups in the hopes of losing their belly fat. Unfortunately, it’s just a myth and exercise cannot bring about fat reduction in a particular area of the body. Smartlipo, on the other hand, is the perfect solution to that problem. It helps to remove isolated and stubborn pockets of fat from particular sections of the body that are not responding even after months of diet and exercise. Thighs, stomachs, hips and arms are generally the problem areas that Smartlipo is used to treat.

It Can Make You Look Slimmer
Smartlipo may not reduce too much of your weight but it will most definitely make you look slimmer and more aesthetic. The re-contouring makes the problem areas slimmer, flatter and more even than before. Aesthetically, it’s the ideal solution for those looking to shape up before the summer or a beach trip. Keep in mind, though, it works best if you already have a fit lifestyle and only use the procedure to add finishing touches.

Loose Skin is Less of a Problem with Smartlipo
One of the biggest issues with traditional liposuction is that it leaves behind loose skin. The skin which was stretched over the fat will now hang loosely since the fat was removed suddenly and not gradually. Smartlipo, on the other hand, leaves behind little to no loose skin at all. The laser which is used to melt the fat also contracts the collagen around the skin to induce tightening.

Faster Recovery
Since the procedure is less invasive than traditional liposuction and only involves tiny incisions to get the melted fat out from under the skin, recovery is generally much faster as well. Local anaesthesia is all it takes and the patient can recover in as little as just one or two days!

It needs to be understood that Smartlipo is mostly used as a supplementary procedure to exercise and a controlled diet and not as an alternative to either. Nevertheless, it can work wonders by removing stubborn fat deposits from your body and helping you achieve that toned and perfect look which you have been working so hard to get for months or even years. As long as you make sure that the clinic and your plastic surgeon are reliable, you really have nothing to worry about.

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