Becky and Somsay Chaitesipaseut


Name: Becky and Somsay Chaitesipaseut
Age: Becky, 35; Somsay, 34
Crossfit Start Date:  Becky – April 2010; Somsay – 2009
Favorite Movement or WOD:  Becky – Grace; Somsay – Amanda
Least Favorite Movement or WOD:  Becky – anything with snatches; Somsay -Fran


What was your athletic background prior to Crossfit?
Becky: I’ve been an athlete my entire life and played college basketball. I started to get heavily involved in running and triathlons in my late twenties and found CrossFit through my husband a couple of years ago.

Somsay:  Tennis in high school and golf later in life.  I also started yoga and rock climbing in my mid-twenties.

How did you hear about Crossfit?  What convinced you to join, and why have you stayed?
B:  I heard about CrossFit through my husband. I joined because at the time I was working and traveling a ton and not working out at all. I needed something to get me back into an active lifestyle and have stayed because of the community at Crossfit Silicon Valley; the challenge of the workouts; and the positive changes I have seen in my fitness level.

S:  I heard about CrossFit through my co-workers. The number one reason why I have stayed is because of the challenge.

How do you manage the mental and physical demands of Crossfit?
B:  The mental aspect of CrossFit, as well as any other sport I have participated in, has been the thing I struggle with the most. However, I always tell myself on days I am just not motivated to work out that I will feel so much better once I do. I set mini-goals for myself along the way so as not to get discouraged and try to remind myself the reason why I CrossFit:  because I love it; because it challenges me more than any other athletic activity I have partaken in; and because of the Crossfit Silicon Valley community. I have learned to channel my mental toughness to help manage the physical demands of CrossFit by always staying positive and celebrating even the smallest of accomplishments and improvements.

S:  I just know I have to keep going. If there is ever a time I feel like quitting, I keep telling myself one more round, just a few more reps. I am an Engineer and tend to plan everything so preparing how to break up each workout helps.

What do you love about the people and/or places you train?
B:  I love the encouragement and how the community wants to know you as a person and not just a CrossFit athlete. It doesn’t matter what athletic background you have or have come from — everyone always celebrates each other’s accomplishments.

S:  They will count you down until the very last repetition or the very last minute on any workout. Even though they are trying to get through their own workout they are encouraging you every step of the way.

What do you do in your everyday life? How has CrossFit impacted that role (or roles)?
B:  I am a Personal Trainer with Commit2Fit with Becky, Bootcamp instructor, CrossFit Kids coach and HR Consultant. I am also a wife and a proud owner of two loving dogs. CrossFit has helped me refine my mental toughness and has given me confidence to try new things I never would have imagined being able to do.

S:  I am an Engineer, husband and dog owner of two. Being an Engineer at times can be very stressful, so CrossFit provides a release from the everyday demands of life.

Looking back, what 2-3 things did you wish you knew when you started CrossFit?
B:  Proper form first and foremost before going Rx on a workout. When I first started CrossFit I was making improvements quickly and going Rx on workouts I probably should have scaled because my form was pretty awful. Also, mobilize, mobilize, mobilize!  I ruptured my Achilles last year and firmly believe if I had paid more attention to mobilizing I may have been able to save myself from becoming injured.

S:  Build your form first. Also, work on weaknesses more than strengths.

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment? What is your most embarrassing moment?
B:  My most memorable CrossFit moment is when someone asked me, as they were pointing to a picture of Annie Thorisdotter, “Is that you?” I have recently worked hard on changing my diet and had seen improvements in my physique and was very flattered. What a compliment, even more so because Annie is like more than ten years younger than I am! My most embarrassing moment has to do with a little thing us ladies like to call the double-under wizz. Enough said.

S:  My most memorable CrossFit moment is my very first CrossFit workout, Cindy. I honestly can’t  think of any embarrassing moment.

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