Stop Trying to Inspire

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by Joe Greco


Coaches, athletes, owners, friends, coworkers, 2nd cousins, distant uncles and everyone else – Stop.Trying.To.Inspire.

Try this instead: Be inspiring.

As the wave of social media continues along its selfie-filtered path the amount of people that hypocritically come out of the wood work is multiplying. Daily inspirational verbiage and video clips showing extreme lifts pop up on the regular but what’s their intention. Are they posted to make you feel better about yourself or is it to “inspire” others? Are you speaking to yourself or are you speaking to the audience?

Unfortunately too often, and admittedly not in all cases, I fear it’s the former.

This is one topic I have had many a debate on so this opinion of mine is no secret to those that know me. I liken it to any sport – act like you’ve been there before. If it’s worthy of the world’s attention then someone will post it for you. You don’t need to spike the ball in the end zone to make SportsCenter. If you get there three times a game and hand the ball off to the ref you’ll get your recognition.

What’s great is that after it happens you can get as jacked up as you want…and you should! Sh*t I’m even ok with an “InstaRepost” if you choose! Just remember this, when you PR your snatch by 2 kilos I’m not inspired and neither are most so please don’t tell me you’re #inspiringothers. Am I impressed – maybe. Lord knows I can’t do it. Nauseated when you throw plates around and jump up and down like a 9 year old boy that just got a peck on the cheek by the resident playground hottie – yes, yes I’m nauseated.

99% of the population are not Jon North, Klokov or Farris. They’re allowed to post all the video and vlogs they want because they’re on a different level than us mortals. What they do, however, is not inspiring. It’s just incredibly badass.

Couple things to make clear, am I saying you shouldn’t post videos of yourself? No I’m not. Hell I’ve done it a few times and when I get my 400# back squat the world will know about it (look for said video sometime on or before August ’14. Instagram @jgreco22) I am saying this though – be honest about why you’re posting it. Are you bragging? Are you looking for validation? Or are you simply excited about your accomplishment and want to share that feeling with your friends? Hopefully it’s the latter.

It’s the latter that proves inspiring. It’s the innocence of success that is inspiring. It’s the come from behind story or the underdog. It’s the purity of the movement.

The fact of the matter is that inspiring people are inspiring. Much the same way great leaders don’t try to lead. They just do.

One final note: When you post details of that “killer WOD” you did earlier today because you’re #motivatingothers do us all a favor and put the iPhone down. We’re not motivated. Hundreds of thousands of other people did something similar they just didn’t announce it for validation.

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