Take a Look at the Common Types of Plastic Surgeries

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Do you want positive change in your physical appearance? Is there a body part that you are not satisfied with? If yes, you can opt for plastic surgery. This medical procedure is attaining immense popularity these days as it enables individuals to gain an appearance that they have always desired. Whether you’re keen to have a radiant skin or bigger breasts, plastic surgeries can provide you with permanent and gratifying results. These medical procedures are much better as compared to the chemical based lotions and creams available in the marketplace. Though the cosmetic products show significant effects on the initial days of usage, it fails to provide positive outcomes on a permanent basis. Hence, if you’re keen to invest your money on something worthy to enhance your approach, plastic surgery can be the best pick.


Many people tend to think that plastic surgeries are quite expensive. Well, not always and everywhere as the charges may depend upon the surgery you’re having, the clinic or the surgeon. One such clinic that has acquired great recognition in this field is West Ave Plastic Surgery. This clinic, based in Houston, is a trusted one comprising licensed surgeon who performs surgeries by implementing the latest techniques that enable patients to get the best possible outcomes. Some of the wide-ranging operations conducted in this clinic include:

Breast Implants
The plastic surgeon usually makes usage of the modern, dual-plane procedures of implant placement. It is with this particular technique that he will place the implant just below pectoral muscle via the small incision of 4 cm, hidden in breast crease. The technique minimizes the scarring that’s visible and offers natural outlook.

The facelift surgeries, also termed as rhytidectomy, are performed in this clinic in certain facial zones. If you’re keen to have a facelift in this clinic, consider consulting with the surgeon in order to review your goals. Collaborate with the expert to build the treatment plan which addresses your concerns appropriately.

This procedure involves the removal of excessive tissue deposits in one’s chest area solely due to the condition named gynecomastia. However, the severity of this particular surgery varies in accordance with the level of a male patient’s gynecomastia. There are some rare cases which require small incisions for liposuction.

Besides the wide-ranging breast, men’s as well as neck procedures, the other surgeries performed in the clinic includes hand surgery, Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Butt Lift and lot more. The other services or treatment that the clinic provides are general reconstruction, treatment for skin cancer, scar revision, ultherapy, lip injections, injectables, and skin care treatment. If you’re keen to have any of these surgeries from this clinic, feel free consult the surgeon or call the help desk for your queries or information. To know more about the surgeries performed in this clinic, do visit the website for details.

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