Take a Vow: Renewing Your Purpose

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Take a Vow: Renewing Your Purpose
Early last December, about nine months after joining CrossFit, I was mid-WOD when it occurred to me that it wasn’t hurting as much as it should. I was still huffing and puffing, and sweat was pouring off me, but the real burn wasn’t there. And when the WOD ended, after a few quick deep breaths, I was fine. Too fine. Either I had turned into an elite CrossFit athlete without noticing, or I had started just going through the motions. Crap.

Back in December when I realized I had started just going through the motions (which still isn’t easy; it just isn’t the way to progress), I took a vow to become a newbie again.
It made sense: I was still CrossFitting five days a week, yet I wasn’t seeing the progress I had enjoyed during my first six months. Instead of feeling each rep and each second on the clock, I had begun to drift, to lose my focus. I was no longer working with purpose.

During my first two weeks of CrossFit, when I was still in On Ramp, I used to arrive a few minutes early so I could watch the class before mine finish the WOD. Towards the end of a workout that included walking lunges and planks, one woman yelled out “Why do we do this to ourselves?”

At the time I thought she was being a bit melodramatic and loud, but I’ve asked myself the same thing quite a few times in the past year. We give all kinds of reasons to justify our CrossFit addiction. Getting in shape, developing mental strength, controlling weight, boosting energy and mood, looking good, striving for greatness. But CrossFit isn’t the only way to achieve these goals. So why do we CrossFit?

So why do we CrossFit?
Because we like it. Because we freakin’ love it.

For some people, that’s enough. They join CrossFit, experience the initial changes to their physique, notice the improvement in their health, annoy their family and friends just a bit with some CrossFit talk, get comfortable and enjoy a few WODs a week to maintain the benefits.

Most likely they’re not doing Google Searches for CrossFit-related articles and information on how to become a Firebreather.

Back in December when I realized I had started just going through the motions (which still isn’t easy; it just isn’t the way to progress), I took a vow to become a newbie again.

When you start on a new mission of self-improvement, you pay attention – because you care, because you’re determined, because you’re going to succeed. The starting part is easy; however, keeping the enthusiasm and sticking with it day after day is the kicker.
And I had succeeded in sticking with it. In fact, I still loved it. So I had to figure out how to experience my first few months over and over.

Here are a few simple things I did that have been making a difference for me.

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