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Further changes to the team format of the CrossFit Games series are bound to occur. We have already seen an adjustment this year that removes the scores of those competitors that choose individual positions from the team totals for the next highest score ( This season is bound to see some shake ups in the rankings come the time for athletes to declare their competition intentions.

So I have a proposition about the Open format… Just like at a competition, you sign up as a team or you sign up as an individual. If you sign up as an individual, you participate in the Open as you have in years past. If you want to compete as a team, then the following would apply.

-Select three men and three women, and sign up as a team.
-WODs will be completed as a team.
-Team members must be pulled from one CrossFit location (in exception of Master’s age groups, which can pull from other locations, but must compelete their WOD together at one location).
-Team WODs will be similar in structure to the individual WODs.

This proposition would allow for individuals to focus on their game, and teams to hone their transitions and strategy. It will also do away with any potential issues should the top athletes on a team decide to go individual, and the team ends up dropping from regional selection. Why would you have an individual competition to form a team? Lets get teams in the Open!

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