Testosterone Therapy Side Effects

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It is obvious that everyone wants a healthy and energetic life forever. And for this purpose, they always try out many different methods, like exercising and eating healthy foods. On the other hand, in order to stay sexually energetic and to feel young, they choose the Testosterone Therapy which is a really dangerous method. We must know that we should never mess around with the hormones in our body, because once they get unstable then there is a rare chance that they would get back to normal. IF anyone of you is already suffering from cancer, then after this therapy cancer will increase much faster than you could imagine. And not just that there are several other Testosterone Therapy Side Effects as well. And for sure after knowing few of these risks, you would quit the idea of getting this therapy if you are already planning for it do.

High Blood Pressure
Another most common side effect which came forward of the people who has already gone through this therapy is that they are now suffering from high blood pressure. And due to that reason now their ankles and legs have started to swell. And no doubt someday this could become the reason of heart failure as well. Further, there are few symptoms of toxicity of the liver as well. It is not sure yet that whether this therapy is the reason behind this or not, but still, if there is a chance then you must be careful.

Sperm Production will be stopped
Next is one of the most important things which we need to look after, and that is the production of sperms. As we know that sperms are produced in the testes, and even testosterone hormones are also produced in the same place. And the production of sperms is dependent on the production of these hormones. So if you ever try to mess with the hormones by any other way then the testes will stop producing sperms forever. And that means now you will be infertile for your whole life. And for sure you do not want that to happen.

Increase in Red Blood Cells
Next, there are some of the more serious and dangerous side effects as well like after this therapy a number of red blood cells will increase more than the normal range. And that is just a disaster because due to excess of red blood cells you can get heart attacks and even blood clotting in your heart.

Sleep Apnea
Plus you will also go through another dangerous condition which is known as sleep apnea. And when you will suffer from this then you will not be able to breathe during your sleep. And no doubt this is one of the worst conditions you could have, like just imagine a person who is sleeping and he is also unaware that he cannot breathe. Maybe you yourself could never find out, but the people around you do not want to see such a horrible condition of yours. And in short, you are stepping forward slowly towards death.

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