The 2016 Open Is Over…Now What?

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The 2016 Open Is Over...Now What?

For over 250,000 CrossFit athletes around the world, the past five weeks have been a test of mental, physical, and emotional fitness.

While I don’t know you personally, I can probably predict a few things that you might be feeling:

  • You found out that you have favorite movements, but absolutely despise others (Anyone else love Overhead Lunges?….. No??)
  • You realized that there are some GLARING weaknesses in your abilities and/or some strengths you didn’t recognize before.
  • You found your mental AND physical breaking point in at least one workout.
  • You have a DETERMINATION to make next year better.

Any of those ring a bell?

Well, you are in good company, because potentially hundreds of thousands of people share similar feelings. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people will make absolutely no changes in their life and expect better results next year.

That’s right. People will continue to do the same thing, yet somehow expect a better result.

That is literally the definition of “insanity.”

So, this leads me to the point of today’s article:

Now that the Open is over, what should I do?

Let’s outline a couple of athletes responding to this question. Try to put yourself in their shoes. For this example, we are going to say that both athletes struggled with double unders in 16.2, though you can easily change this out for any movement that you struggled with.

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