The 2016 Open Is Over…Now What?

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Seriously, following these simple steps will instantly double your chances of achieving your goals.

Seriously, following these simple steps will instantly double your chances of achieving your goals.

Step 1. Pick ONE movement that you would like to improve and write it down (yes, pen and paper…no “mental notes”.)

Example: Double Unders

Step 2. Come up with a small, simple action step you can take three times per week in order improve on this weakness. It should be no longer than 10 minutes. Make sure you clarify when and where this action step will take place. Write this down.

Example: 10 min Every Minute on the Minute: 30 seconds max effort Double Unders, 30 seconds rest. Done post-WOD on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at my gym for the next two months.

Step 3. Recruit someone to do it with you! This is HUGELY important. If you keep your goals, dreams, and aspirations bundled up inside then you will be much more likely to quit and/or forget. However, recruiting a friend to accompany you along the journey will drastically improve your chances of success.

Example: Copy and paste this link onto your best friend’s Facebook wall saying “Hey, I am going to do (enter description from Step 2) and really want you to join me. Pick your own personal weakness and let’s get to work!” 

Step 4. Leave a comment below and share your step 1 and 2 with me! I will personally be responding to every comment offering encouragement, suggestions, and thoughts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s my mission to help make this your best year yet!

If you are looking for more ways to improve your performance, I wrote a book where I dive deeper into the “why” and “how” of achieving success in the “Sport of Fitness”.

It’s completely free, and it my personal gift to you, just click here to download it.


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