The 7 Most Overrated CrossFit Exercises

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2. Ab Mat Situps

Ab mat situps

Crowder doesn’t mince words – better to work your core using knees to elbows or toes to bar instead of flopping around on the floor with the ab mat:

How many of you can smash Abmat Sit Ups but cannot do 1 strict toes-to-bar? How many of you get giant burns on your butt every time you do abmat sit ups? Most people when performing this movement don’t actually use their abs to bring themselves to the upright position.

Most of us swing the crap out of our arms and pop our hips up and down to pop ourselves to the finish position. This movement is inferior for building core strength because the athlete is able to deactivate their core and whip themselves through the range of motion through these means.

3. Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Sumo deadlift high pull

There is an excessive risk of injury with this exercise given the movement involved and the breakdown in form with fatigue. Read the excellent discussion of the movement’s similarity to the test for shoulder impingement by the folks at Whole9 entitled “I (Heart) My Supraspinatus”.

4. Bounding Box Jumps

Bounding box jumps

We covered this in-depth already. Save your Achilles, step down from the box (jumps).

5. Hand-release Push-Ups

Stick with the basics: “Full extension/chest to deck/ elbows tight/tight core.”
While he likes the exercise in theory, Crowder concludes that coaches should simply teach proper push-up form since “most times the actual execution is horrendous. People overextend, deactivate, and butt-whip themselves into the air for the rep. Even when seen in competition, these push ups remind me of that “drunk” guy trying to get off the ground.

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