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Are you health conscious? Want to lose weight? Maintain your weight? Now you can become the healthiest you possible, by using a Body Analyzer!

This amazing health tool uses BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) measuring your water weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and bone density.

    What is Bio Impedance Analysis

During BIA (Bio electrical Impedance Analysis), a safe and low electrical signal is sent through your body. This is done by hand- and footplate electrodes fixed on the monitor of the body composition.

This electrical signal freely passes through the muscle-fluids as well as your body tissues. However, whenever it reaches fat, there is resistance due to the fact that fat don’t contains much fluid. The resistance is known as “impedance”. The details collected, together with gender, weight and height is then used for the calculation of the body composition.

Using this great tool’s assistance can provide you with complete as well as accurate information regarding your physical health. Even although your goal for a healthy physique is just to lose weight or to maintain a specific weight, there are a lot more elements to this body device! tabata60 for 60% off Vanity Planet’s Body Analyzer

    What does this health appliance measures?

  1. Muscle Mass

It is a fact that fat weighs lesser than muscle. Many people make the assumption that they had lost weight, when they actually lost muscle. As we age we lose muscle mass. However, joint flexibility can decrease when there is extensive loss in muscle mass. With this health tool you can be sure that it is fat that you lost and not muscle mass.

  1. Percentage of Body Fat

You can suffer a health setback when you have too much or too little body fat. Therefore, it is of great importance to keep your body fat percentage at a healthy level. This health device renders great assistance to this challenge.

  1. Water Weight

More than half of our weight consists of water weight, whilst approximately two thirds represent one’s lean body mass. To keep your hydration levels right is very important. This will assist your body to keep its temperature. Maybe you are under the impression that you are at your perfect weight, whilst you may have too little bodily water. This can impact your health because it affects the functions of your body-cells.

    The Main Benefits

  1. Your weight is monitored which help you to understand your    body’s weight-patterns.
  2.  Keeping track of your body’s fat-percentage.
  3.  It observes your lean muscle-mass.
  4. Keeping track of your bodily water-weight, assisting you to keep your body well hydrated.
  5. Monitor the level of your bone density, thus assisting you to take notice of possible fluctuations.

This is a wonderful assisting tool to reach your goal weight as well as reaching optimal health. This health tool should be in every health-conscious person’s home when more tools are needed than a simple bathroom scale.

We advise you to do your research well as to which brand you want to purchase. We can mention the latest Tanita model which is top of the range!

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