The Most Important Facts You Need to Know about the Cruise Control Diet: Does it Really Work?

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There are undoubtedly a lot of diets around, each purporting to help you lose weight in the fastest and easiest possible way. But the big question is, do these diets really work? And if they do, does the weight stay off? That’s one thing that many yo-yo dieters have struggled with for years. Yes, they are able to lose weight – but after some time, the weight comes creeping back in.


This is where the Cruise Control diet is different, though. The Cruise Control diet was developed by James Ward, who saw the need for a ‘real solution’ to weight loss. So how does it work, and why does it work? Let’s take a look at the most important facts about the Cruise Control diet.

The concept

The concept behind the Cruise Control diet is quite simple. You need to understand that a significant part of your journey to better health is the food you eat. Yes, you need to eat a diet that is both healthy as well as balanced – but the fact is that the Standard American Diet is no longer feasible, especially with the kinds of food that are available nowadays. The Cruise Control diet helps you understand exactly what you are eating and how to make your eating habits healthier and more natural.

An easier way to lose weight

The Cruise Control diet is an easier way to lose weight – but more than this, it’s a diet that is more of a lifestyle change. With it, you change the way you view food, how you eat it, and what you eat. There’s no need to keep track of your calories, keep a journal, or control your portions.

The natural approach

The distinguishing factor about the Cruise Control diet is that there is a focus on changing the food you eat – and doing it as part of your lifestyle. With this diet, you have to follow a few rules. The first rule is to eat only natural foods. The second rule is to avoid eating foods that are packaged or processed, since these types of food actually encourage your body to store more fat. The third rule (which is highly welcome indeed) is to indulge once in a while. This means you can treat yourself – sometimes – to foods that may be considered ‘guilt-enducing,’ such as chocolate, chips, candy, cookies, and cakes. The fourth rule, as already mentioned, is to not count your calories and not to restrict your portions. Rather, you should let your natural instinct for hunger guide you on the foods you eat – and when.

Granted, the Cruise Control diet has its pros and cons – but it has more pros than cons, especially for those who are serious about a lifestyle change and a change in their outlook on food.

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