The Top 5 Health Benefits of Skiing

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While skiing is one of the most popular winter sports, many people still only see it as a form of recreation. Unless they’re actual Olympic athletes, most people think that there isn’t much effort involved in skiing. However, skiing is more than an adrenaline rush. It is actually good for you in a number of ways. Here are the top five health benefits of skiing.

Cardiovascular Health

Skiing is a cardiovascular exercise. You’re working nearly every muscle of your body whether you’re climbing uphill or gliding downhill. This is amplified if you’re at high elevations. Skiing regularly improves your endurance, as well. If you want to burn an incredible number of calories, cross-country skiing is a good choice.

Strength Training for Everything in Your Body

Skiing strengthens both bones and muscles in your body. Your knees have to work against the tension and weight of your body as you go downhills. The load your arms and shoulders repeatedly face as you push off on poles makes them stronger. Because you’re moving your midsection as you move, you get an incredibly strong core. And because you’re constantly in a crouched position, you’ll get very toned legs, too. You’re working both the inner and outer thighs, your hamstrings, your glutes and your quads.


Proprioception refers to the body’s ability to feel where every part of your body is located. Skiing relies on intense awareness of every part of your body and where they are located. Proprioception declines with age and skiing forces you to pay attention to how your body is moving.

Skiing regularly builds that awareness into your subconscious, but you’re still building the skillset. While skiing won’t recover this ability when lost, regularly skiing will build up the skill and slow down the decline in proprioception.

Balance Training

Learning how to stand on skis is a form of balance training. It only gets harder as you start moving downhill. This means that skiing dramatically improves your balance. On a side note, it improves your agility, too. You’ll reduce your risk of injury if you take it on yourself to improve your flexibility before going skiing.

Psychological Benefits

One of the main benefits of skiing is that it gets you outdoors and out in the sunshine. Here’s a natural cure for seasonal affective disorder and a natural source of vitamin D. A few hours on the slopes is a hard workout, so you’ll sleep quite restfully when you’re done. That has its own benefits.

You could also connect with other skiers, too, on forums run by for instance. Social connections with others, especially those you actually disconnect with online and spend a lot of time with in person, and will certainly improve your psychological health. If you take your family skiing, it can be a great way to form a closer bond and disconnect from technology.


As you can see, skiing can be beneficial in a number of ways. It builds stamina and coordination and has tons of psychological advantages as well.

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