These are the effects when a male has low testosterone levels

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When we hear the term testosterone, many men think of it something needed for athletes and combatants.

They associate it with meathead alpha male who spend all day beating things with their fists.  However, to disregard testosterone as something only needed if you want to become a muscle-bound freak is entirely wrong. It has many negative impacts on the human body, and some of them will have a major impact on the quality of your sex life amongst other things.


Low testosterone levels can have more than just an impact on your ability to become a bodybuilder. Some of the problems it will cause can make it nigh-impossible for you to work out as you would have intended, to make any kind of positive body change and to make any kind of progression in terms of improving the quality of your sex life.

What, then, are some of the most common and significant problems that one can have simply by not having enough testosterone in their body? What kind of problems might arise if you are not able to change this?

While some of them might seem quite rare, they are possible and should be considered as a likely issue.

Common Side-Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

  • For one, you might find that your sex drive becomes lower. You will find it very hard to enjoy the ability to feel aroused, and this can have a huge and negative impact on the quality of your sex life at home and in general.
  • You will also find that sperm production drops. This is a common issue and often comes due to the lifestyle that will produce lower levels of testosterone. If you are suffering from a low level of sperm production, then it can likely be associated with your low levels of testosterone.
  • Many people will also notice that they have a lower level of red blood cell production which can have many negative consequences. If you are dealing with red blood cell issues, usually flagged by a doctor, then you should also get your testosterone levels checked out for parity.
  • You might find that your body has problems in distributing muscle mass and strength and instead creates a major imbalance. You can soon find that you lack the same kind of strength that you would want and expect and may have some issues when it comes to physical strength long-term.
  • Another common problem is that fat will be distributed poorly and this can lead to very unappetizing weight gain. You’ll start to gain in size and properly find that your body has problems moving weight to the right locations. This can have a majorly detrimental effect on the quality of your mental health.
  • Lastly you will suffer from a drop off in bone density which can be quite a serious problem for those who want to try and change their overall quality of life.

From having problem with your sex drive to fertility issues, many problems can develop here that you might not have expected. With the correct lifestyle adjustment though, you can get over even the lowest of testosterone levels.

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